Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Luke!!

This is Luke! Luke is Ava's litter mate (for those of you who follow the blogs). He is about 9months old German Shepherd that has joined us all the way from Memphis, TN to the Advanced Obedience & some serious intervention towards his barking & "herding" of kids. His first week has been very successful. It took him about a day to warm up to me & Tom and I was happy to see he took to the other dogs immediately. They brought him out of his shell, for sure! He has learned to heel w/auto sit, sit(stays), down(stays) & tons of saying hello to people at PetSmart, the park (if we do see them) & going with me to a few lessons to act as distraction. Luke is a typical Shepherd & definitely needs rules & boundaries. He is very sensitive & definitely looking for direction because of his insecurities (hence the barking & acting out). I hope to have nothing but more positive things to report over the next few days about Luke's progress as I add more distraction to the mix & we continue testing his manners when saying hello to people!

Luke's down (stay)

...... long down(stay). He took a short nap :o)

Hello happy boy in a sit(stay)

Luke saying hello to Faith (kitty)

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