Monday, January 25, 2010

Unexpected Arrivals!

This is Toby & Sadie. Toby is a Giant Schnauzer/Black Labrador Mix & Sadie is a 5month old Chihuahua. They both will be with me for the next two weeks learning the Basic Obedience along with a little potty reinforcement, socialization & manners. Toby is a Nervous Nelly around new people, especially men & needs a confidence boost in general. He also has some issues with the kitties. His little sister, Sadie, needs a good potty routine & to learn to sloooow down a bit :o) They both have been absolute loves. We'll see how they shape up over the next few weeks!
Non-stop wrestling with Blue
Sleepy girl.... she tried soo hard to stay awake & play with Blue

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