Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Boy Banjo

Banjo is slowly but surely coming along. He's such a big goof & really doesn't mean any harm; he just doesn't realize he's 80lbs of pure puppy. He knows all his basics - no jumping on people, heel with auto sit, sit & down stays, & we're teaching him the place command because his family needs it! :o) This past week I have introduced much harder commands, I'm taking him out to stores (Petsmart/co, home depot) for added people distractions and we've started going to parks so he can learn how to be well mannered around kids. It has been a bit harder to find small kids with it being so hot outside but we're working on it. He's going to stay a bit longer so we can get him just where he needs to be! More to come on big boy soon!
Banjo having a little down time
...holding his down stay
....down(stay) with foooood distractions
& Skook distractions

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