Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maddie - aka Cowboy's Girlfriend

Miss Maddie is making herself very much at home & has even moved in on my man :o)  She has taken to snuggling with him any chance she gets!!  From a training perspective Maddie is an A+ girl!!  She is spot on with her obedience, on & off the leash.  Now we'll just perfect her master skills with adding hard distraction in the mix & see how she handles the pressure of choosing between fun, food, & chaos over being a well mannered lady.....haha.  Sounds like no contest when I put it that way ;o)  Her potty training is coming along; no accidents to report.  She is inconsistently ringing the potty bells but ringing them non-the-less.  She has certainly blossomed over the last few weeks & I can't wait to see her transformation of confidence & freedom over the next few. Stay tuned!!!

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