Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maddie & Stella Updates!

Stella is coming right along! :o)  She is still very nervous around new things but she has had many field trip days to PetSmart/Co & Home Depot.  She is starting to play with the other dogs but has moments where I can tell by her body language she feels like she needs to strike out.  She is corrected immediately before she reacts & then she's back to playing.  Her obedience is coming along wonderfully.  She is holding her commands with a ton of distractions.....even the cats taunting her & racing through the house like fools.  The next few days Stella will get worked around more distractions & go on a few more field trips & hopefully be ready to see her momma on Saturday!

Maddie is a little super star!!  She has done excellent on her potty training!  She has started perching herself, front feet on the wall, & just stands until I notice her to take her out.  She loves playing with the other small dogs & exploring the backyard....go figure.  She is doing excellent off leash & now the test is on as I add harder & harder distractions & we will have fieldtrip days to the park & PetSmart for her to work on her manners when greeting people!!

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Wanda said...

Maddie reminds me of my Hercules (Italian Greyhound) except more aware of her figure. :-) Glad Stella is doing better and actually socializing. Look forward to talking to you on Friday.