Sunday, August 8, 2010


Playtime!!!! We've been taking our playtime in the early morning because it's been tooooo hottt!!
Rayban trying his hardest to get someone to play
Trey chasing Yuma :o)
Rayban found a friend; Maddie!
Maddie & Koko making friends
Maddie & Rayban playing chase...
waiting for me to throw the ball
Yuma, meet Boomer. Boomer, meet Yuma :o)
Sophie, Trey & Banjo.....the three amigos
Run, Oliver!! RUN!!!
Yuma & Ollie
The three amigos, again
Yuma, Oliver, Sophie, & Banjo
Sophie & Trey taking a rest
Yuma & Banjo.....smooch, smooch Maddie & Rayban
Jack & Sophie wanna be roomates

There's a whole bowl of water & they want to lick the dew off the deck....

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Patricia said...

Great pictures! I loved seeing my girl!:-)