Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Java's Homecoming

Little Java joined her family earlier this week!  She was quite excited & quick to think her family didn't have the same rules :o)  After teaching her dad the new rules & giving him some "homework" they should be good to go!  I'll check back in with them in about a week or so in a follow up lesson to see how they're working out!


Sampson = AWESOME!!! He is making great progress & doing wonderful with his off leash work, socialization, manners, etc...... He has made tons of friends mostly dog but has warmed up to a few reoccurring people over the last few weeks. He's doing great meeting strangers. He's not weary anymore & is understanding the routine of "go say hi". He's not overly affectionate with people, which I don't expect; it's not his personality but he is comfortable with strangers being around him now & with being petted if told. He IS, however, a complete maniac with the other dogs..... in a good way ;o) He is super playful with me & the other dogs. He has taken to what I call face wrestling with Duke (my Dane). He & Duke lay sprawled out on the floor & mouth & "face wrestle" back & forth for what seems like hours..... very cute. He has gone to the barn with me to work on his off leash work. He doesn't seem very concerned with the horses & he's been more inclined to ignore them & run around with Duke or follow me around. The weather has been great to venture out to the dog park & he's also gone with me to follow up lessons to act as distraction and has done superb!! :o) The training schedule for Sampson over the next week consist of frequenting the parks & pet stores to continue his off leash work around hard distractions!! More to come on Sampson soon. :o)

Sampson practicing his "place" command

Duke & Sampson wrestling

Cute face :o)

Olli & Sampson. I'd like to take credit for the cute pose but they did it all themselves