Friday, September 25, 2009


This is little (not so little anymore) Piper! She was with me a few months ago for boarding but now she's back for the Intermediate Obedience!! She's much bigger now (of course) but still just as sweet as ever! I have a feeling she & Bella are going to be great friends considering they're about the same age. More updates on Piper after our first session!!

Meet Bella!

This is Bella! She's a 5 1/2 month old Wheaten Terrier. She will be with me for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience. She's pretty much just typical puppy & pulling all the normal puppy tricks :o) She likes to chase the little ones, steal anything she can get her little mouth on & make a catch me if you can game, bolt out the door the second it's open game, jumping up to say hello.... you know. She is a very sweet, personable girl & I'm sure she'll be a piece of cake! More to update after our first session!

The New Crew

This little group that will be with me for the next 30 days for potty training & manners is:

They are a nervous little group that needs a little socialization & confidence boosting as well as a routine & pottying schedule! We started off the training getting them used to having a light-weight leash on and walking with me on them. At first they looked like Mexican jumping beans on the end of ropes but after about 1-2 minutes they figured it out & were walking nicely with me without a hitch! They don't seem to mind the other dogs. They were very intimidated at first but after the initial butt sniffing & saying hello they came around. They took to me within about 5 minutes and it's been love since :o) They're very sweet but definitely have been able to run the show. Well guys.... it's a new show now! So, more to come on Spanky, Andy, & Sandy's progress!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extra Special Thank YOU!!!!!

Now that things have slowed down a bit & we've survived the torrential down pour that literally flooded into this area I can catch everyone up! Songede has joined her family back in Alabama & she was quite the stinker for her go home lesson; but that comes with the territory :o) I'm sad to see her go but I know I'll see her again in December along with her new little brother, Meeko!! So excited. Songede's momma was sooo sweet & HAND MADE ME PUPPY MUGS!!!! I was so excited because they are too cute but when I found out she made them by hand, that just made it all the more wonderful!!! If I had a website to refer people to I sooo would. So an extra special thank you to Beth for allowing me the opportunity to work with Songede & for being so thoughtful & sharing your gift with me!!

I had to postpone my new trainees this week until tomorrow (Friday) due to the weather. They were calling for more but we didn't get it so it's finally back to work full steam ahead!

Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Days Of The Blues

We are on day 5 of the constant rain here. It's been terrible. In the last 5 days just in my area we have receive 10 inches of rain...... according to the rain gauge. :o( So needless to say it's put a stop to the outside off leash work. We've had lots of time to work on the place command & the dogs are going stir crazy not being allowed to go crazy inside & not being able to run outside. It's putting me behind on Songede being schedule to go home on Wednesday, which I'm sure is going to make her momma cry :'( but I really wouldn't want to send her without feeling like I'd been able to work with her like she should be worked with. I've still been doing my PetSmart/Co runs with the dogs but not too many people are getting out with their dogs in this weather. This is expected to go through to next Thursday!!!! Whaaaaat?!?!?! So, I'll keep posting on any progress we make with the pups! I'm trying to take advantage of any dry time we have but that's been few & far between :o/

Tuesday, September 15, 2009




Time For Some Updates :o)

Helllooooo Moms & Dads & whomever else likes to read my training blog! I have some exciting updates to report! First, Huggie Bear had his go home lesson yesterday & did fabulous! He got spiffied up & had his mani & pedi before he went home. He did excellent & I think his mom & dad did pretty great as well! Lilah & Sampson also went home this past Friday & they too did great. Sampson was troublesome with his down but that wasn't out of the ordinary. It was huge adjustment for the momma & daddy but I'm sure they're doing wonderful & working hard! Little Jack is coming along & getting more social by the day. He's doing great with his crate training & potty routine, walking on the leash, responding to "no" and riding in the car but he is a tough cookie when it comes to sit, down & come (on leash). So extra efforts this week to get him squared away. Luke is still doing excellent & has calmed way down. He's great with his obedience, social skills & just being a great family pet. :o) Songede started her remote collar work & she is doing excellent! She definitely likes to push to see how far she can go & what she can get away with but she's much more responsive & seems to love the added freedom!! She's done great with the distractions of the lawn people but started jumping on people again now that she's off leash..... so we're having to back track a bit & fix that kink. I've been making her ring the potty bell when we go out but she's yet to do it on her own but we haven't had any accidents in the house..... well except for the occasional excited piddle when she comes out of her crate & sees the other dogs before we get outside :o) But I can't say I blame her! Hopefully the rain will stay away except for in the evenings so I can get these guys out to play off leash at the park!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Those Who Were Lost

I hope everyone takes a few moments today to remember the day that shook this country to its core. Everyone has their story of where they were & what they were doing when they found out. It humbled us & made us more courteous, forgiving, & respectful of people. Somehow the rush of deadlines & the hurry up didn't seem like top priority. The country had a sense of togetherness & unity; I miss that. My thoughts are with anyone that was personally affected by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. God Bless America.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures from the past few weeks!



Huggie Bear Sampson Lilah

Can You See Me Now???........

It was brought to my attention that all my post for more than a week now haven't been posting. I've had a lot going on so I have a lot to catch everyone up on soooo..... There will be no pictures in this post because my previous attempts to post had pics & it wouldn't re-post so I'm trying something new. Pictures to come later, hopefully.....

Luke has been awesome! He goes anywhere & everywhere off leash with me & does fabulous with his commands as well as his social skills with strangers. He's great with almost every person he meets. I say almost because every now and again he meets someone that he seems to hesitate to "say hello" to. He needs an extra bit of coaxing & then he relaxes & is great! He's made tons of 4 legged friends & loves to play fetch. Well, that's kind of a tall tail (heehee).... he likes to chase Ruger & Diesel when they fetch the Kong & then steal it away. It's pretty funny actually. He has tons of personality & cracks me up on a daily basis. His family is making the trip from Tennessee next weekend to pick him up so I'll have more to come as things progress with Luke. He's going be an excellent dog for his family!

Huggie Bear: doing great as well. He's so willing to please, super responsive to his commands (98%) of the time but he has this over-whelming, obnoxious, extremely excited/anxious whine when we're going to the park, going outside, coming inside, going to PetSmart, saying hello to strangers..... well, almost anything. I with I my blog had audio because I do a really great impression of his noise, hahaha. So he's spending a few extra day trying to relieve that but I do think just like people are what they are, I think some dogs are what they are. I think Huggie might be an overly excitable, extremely vocal guy :o) He is so darn sweet & such a goof ball. I love to watch him romp (because that's what it is) with the other dogs. He's too cute. He's scheduled to go home Friday so more to come with Huggie Bear's homecoming!!

We have a few newbies as well!!!!

Lilah & Sampson:
Lilah & Sampson have joined me for the Intermediate Obedience a week ago this past Friday. Sampson is a Golden Retriever that needed a bit of brushing up on his manners with people as well as proper etiquette with dogs ;o) & Lilah is a 4 month old Golden-doodle. She came from the same breeder as Henry, the star of North Gwinnett High's musical Annie, that I worked with this past summer. Ayer's Pampered Pets & I highly recommend her. She has great pups! She is such a smart girl & sooo willing to please. You'll most likely find her fishing on her belly towards you to say hello rather than jumping at your face. She is very submissive & so tender hearted. She's a love. Sampson is very lovable in a big galoot kinda way. He's very smart & doing great but definitely doesn't have quite the desire to please like Lilah. Sometimes he gets an overwhelming case of the "I'm not listenings". They too are scheduled to go home at the end of this week so I'll have more updates on Lilah & Samson as well!!

Songede is a 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She joined me 6 days ago & will be completing the Advanced Obedience. She is such a pistol this girl. She is very strong willed & definitely has an agenda of her own. If you don't fall into that she too gets a case of the "Im no listenings" hahaha. She is such a sweeeeeeet girl though. She has loved playing with EVERYONE & wants to meet EVERYONE & thinks EVERYONE is here just for her :o) She's quite the social butterfly! She's completed heel with auto-sit, sit & down stays, down from the side & front, come with an auto-sit & tomorrow she'll be starting her place command. I have a feeling this one might be more difficult because she doesn't like to slow down :o) I haven't introduced too many distractions at this point either so this next week she'll have do do all those same commands but with much harder distractions around. So more to come on Songede's progress over this next week!!!

Little Jack is a Daschund mix..... he's actually Gus' big-little brother :o) He's joined me for the Basics, crate training & socialization with other dogs. He's a bit of a nervous guy & needs tons of socialization work. He has been attached to me at the hip..... well because I make him. He's been going everywhere with me just so he'll get the exposure to everything & meeting people & walking on the leash & seeing strange dogs; anything really. He's coming along but still needs some work. I give him an A++ on his crate training but these last few days he's decided I don't exist at the other end of the leash & he's not going to listen. It's hilarious to see how he completely avoids looking at me as if to say "if I don't see you I don't have to listen". But the leash comes off & he wants to be right in my lap snuggling; he's great at that! Jack goes home next week so I'll update on how he progress as well!!