Monday, January 12, 2015

Gus Update

Gus has come to the end of his training. He has completed my Basic Obedience program with a few extra requests from his family.  He goes home tomorrow & I can't wait to teach his family how to follow through with all of Gus' new skills!  
Gus can now ride in the car without interfering with the driver or passenger. He rides quietly and well mannered.

Gus holding his "place" command at the barn.  He will need to do this every Saturday while his mom & dad are working!  Barn dog, Shiloh is giving it all his effort to get Gus to come play :-)


This little fella is Otis. He is an almost 5 month old Goldendoodle that is here to learn my Advanced Obedience Program.  Over the last 4 training days he has learned his sit-stay, down-stay, heel with an auto-sit, place command, & he has learned what "no" means.  He is one of those fun loving, crazy pups that likes to jump on everyone , put everything in his mouth & go 100 mph through the house!  He has made tons of progress in a very short period.  He has a little bit of a stubborn side when his friends are around.  Keep up with Otis & his progress as his program progresses!

Holding our sit-stay command with some very tempting things laying around

....more things laying around.

Holding his down-stay while I do laundry

Holding his dow-stay during lunch time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Gus has been doing well over the last few days learning all his basic obedience commands along with the place command.  Today it's pretty darn cold so we are doing some distraction proofing at home. Here is a little of what Gus has been working on.
Holding his sit-stay command

Holding the sit-stay with the distraction of a Princess....

Working on his place command

......and holding his down-stay command

......With more princess distraction

Ignoring food while in a down-stay
"oooh Mrs. Ashleigh.......dis is berry hard"

I went around the corner & watched from the screen of my phone

And then down the hall. He did excellent!

I think they're buds

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wishing all our clients & furry friends a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year!

From my gang to yours!

Gus gus

This silly guy is Gus. He will be with me for the next week for Basic Obedience.  He can be a little intrusive to your space and doesn't always mind his manners.  Stay tuned for updates on Gus!
Thanks for the pic Joe

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