Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maggie's Big Weekend!

This was Maggie's weekend to meet her new family.  She, Ty & I made a trip Friday afternoon to Mt. Airy, North Carolina to spend the weekend training her with her new family.  We got Maggie acquainted with her new home on Friday evening & then Saturday morning bright & early we headed out for a day of teaching the new family how to have a service dog in public & how to work with Bridget & Maggie together.

[Sidebar: Maggie was trained for Bridget as her seizure detection companion.  Bridget is 2 years old & suffers from very bad seizures 7-15 times in one day.  Maggie will help detect the seizures before they hit & Bridget's mom can get her to safety so she isn't hurt. As well as being able to be a support for Bridget when she is unstable after having a seizure.]

So, as I was saying bright & early on Saturday morning we headed out for breakfast first & then to the mall.....If she can handle Maggie in a crowded mall at Christmas time, the rest is a piece of cake!  Bridget, her mom & Maggie did wonderful.  It was a successful training day & I'll be back in a few months to work check in on their progress & see how they are adjusting!
Maggie keeping her eye on Bridget
 Bridget walking Mags
 ....saying " 'mon Mag, 'mon Mag"

 Say Cheeeese
 Good down :o)
 Bridget riding the Merry Go Round
 .....she's patiently waiting 
  Mag & Bridget bonding (Bridget hasn't ever had a dog so this is a big deal for her :)
 Making Mag pretty
 .....and snugglin' (this is my favorite)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playtime & This-n-That

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends!! My furry gang & extended gang had a wonderful Thanksgiving & have been playing fools!!

Sweet Amy girl
 Diesel & Carly
 Duke, Soldier & Carly searching for something good.....apparently :o)
 Soldier hunting for the stick I just threw..... only to lose interest & ran off to play with someone else :o/
 Deer or Soldier??
 Maggie, Carly & Ginger wrestling
 Carly & Ginger wrestling.....and Jake's cute hiney :o)
 Jersey, Scarlet & Ginger playing!
 Soldier & Hansel
 ...and getting more aquainted
 Soldier & Diesel
 Scarlet, Bryna, Amy & Jersey!!
 Bryna....good sit!
 Good down
 Bryna & Jersey making friends!
 My Mosey & Jake :o)
 Duke & Scarlet
 Amy & Jersey
 Carley, Ginger & Jersey playing chase
 Amy....not sure what she's doing
 Soldier fetching a stick & yet again returns with nothing but excitement, hehe
 Hansel & Boomer.....they were the best of friends!
 Scarlet, Bryna, Mugsy, Mo & Pearl's hiney :o)
 Jersey, Jake, Ru & River
 Pearly girly
 Duke, Bryna, & Mo
 Pearl & Amy

More pics to come of my trainees & their work in progress!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Video :o)

Here's a short video from our group lesson for today: DOWN-STAY

Playtime & Group Workouts

Jax sitting on Lizzy....goofball
 Group down-stay (except Boomer apparently)
 Good puppies
Top Lft-Rt: Boomer, Mugsy, Lizzy, Gus
Bottom Lft-Rt: Diesel, Duke, Ansley, Jax, Ruger
 Bruster, Boomer & Ruger
 Waiting for me to throw the Kong

 Jax & Lizzy
 Jake, Diesel, Gus-gus & Mugsy
 Mugs & Carly
 Mugsy & Lizzy wrestling
 It's a group effort to get the Kong
 Gracie & Little Luxe!
 Ginger my new foster pup *FOR ADOPTION*
 Gus gus
 Bruster is pooooped :)
Ansley girl :)
Bruster & his little buddy Boomer