Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updates on Dante, Charlie, Brody & Ty!

Dante is coming along slowly but surely.  We've had some set backs with his potty training but I *think* i've got him figured out..... I hope I didn't jinx myself.  We have started working on his Advanced Off Leash work.  The weather isn't super cooperative but we're making it work.

Brody isn coming along nicely.  His biggest challenge is always on the leash.  9 out of 10 times he's fantastic and then every once in a while he'll lose his mind and set off at a dog or person.  He is doing excellent with his Advanced Obedience but we have to get these little hiccups out of the way before he's ready to go home!!

Charlie & Ty are finishing up with their training.  They both are just polishing up what they have learned in their package & will be ready to see their families!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


This beautiful boy is Dante, a 4 month old Great Dane.  He is here for the Advanced Obedience!  It has been a slow start with Mr. Dante.  As with all Great Danes, he is hypersensitive to correction so it's a lot of balancing letting him know when he's being a super good boy & when he's being naughty.  Along with the fact that he plenty to tell you when he doesn't want to do something.  He's paying me back through the constant fountain that runs through him ;o)  I'll take my time with Mr. Dante and his light bulb will come on soon..... I hope :o)


This crazy guy is Brody!  He is a 2 year old Pitt mix that only has 2 speeds...... asleep or playing!! ;o)  He loves everyone, everything, anything...... off the leash.  He is here for the Advanced Obedience.  He is doing great but he too is taking the "I'm too cute to work" card.  He is a very smart guy with tons of potential!  I just have to get him to slow down long enough to focus!! :o)  Brody is all his basic commands down pat & is being introduced to his place command.  This should be a great way to help him stay focused and in one place!!
Brody being a good boy & holding a down before playtime
They look a little eeee-vil.  Boys will be boys.
Too pooped to even take a picture......
..... or get up and play with Dante

Little Ty

This is Ty!  He is a 4 month old Boxer/Pitt mix.  He is a super sweet, very sensitive little fella.  He is here for Basic Obedience.  He is making tons of friends and coming along fairly well in his training.  Although he'd rather just play "I'm so cute, please don't make me do any work Mrs. Ashleigh" :o)  He is heeling with an auto sit, sit & down (stays) and is now being introduced to more distractions ....his friends!  Herein lies his downfall.  More updates to come!

Ooodles of Doodles!!

It's like Doodle City around here :o)  Miss Ellie is coming along very well in her training.  We hit a few stubborn moments every now and again when her friends are around but nothing too awful.  Ellie is also joined by Bella, a 10 month old Goldendood & Charlie a 7month old doodle (all from Ayers Pampered Pets).

Bella is a very sweet girl all the way from Tate, GA.  She is here for the Basic Obedience.  She is a spunky, playful girl.  She instantly made herself at home and is doing super!  She is walking on the leash nicely, heeling at my left side and sitting when we stop, holding her sit command.  We have started down but she is a little reluctant to hold his command so we still have some work to do as her training progresses!

Running with her buddy Dante

Charlie is such a sweet boy.  He is here for the Intermediate Obedience.  He is a pleaser for sure.  He is a social butterfly & everyone is his friend!! He is doing very well his commands - heel with an auto-sit, sit(stays), down(stays) and he's been introduced to come on the leash.

Hello Roadie
Wrestling with Lily

Monday, October 15, 2012

Charlie Brown Update

Holding a down command
I am quite smitten with Mr. Charlie Brown.  He is such an absolute love bug.  Although he comes with that stubborn side that is just innate to the breed he has been great to work with this week for the Basic Obedience.  He is heeling nicely on my left side & stopping when we sit.  Holding his sit(stay), doing a down at my side & a down(stay).  He is still challenging me on a down from out in front though......work in progress.  For his program we are doing a modified version of the Basic program and he is learning the "place" command also.  He does excellent with the place command.  Just like Ellie, Charlie is learning to do all these commands around more distractions and holding his commands for longer intervals of time.  He only has a few more days before he goes back to his family so it's back to work!!

Holding a sit command 
It's always good to share
Holding a sit command while I walk away

Ellie Update

Miss Ellie is doing EXCELLENT!  She is very smart & picks up on everything I teach her very quickly.  She has a great calm disposition and is very eager to please.  She has made a lot of new friends this past week but her very best friend is Roadie!  Here Ellie & Roadie are both practicing holding their down command and saying cheeeeese!  Ellie has completed heeling nicely at my left side & sitting when we stop.  Holding her sit (stays), down at my side with a down (stay).  she is super at coming when called either off the leash or on.  Today she started the "place" command as well as increasing the amount of time she has to hold her commands, adding more distractions & doing down from out in front & with some distance.  We still have a lot of work to get done this week before she goes home! :o)

Ellie on her "place" command while Kyleigh shares her toys
Holding her sit command while we open & close the front door

Getting some snuggles while holding her sit command. 
Ellie holding her down command while I go outside and increase my distance away from her as well as turning my back to her. (boarder Sunshine, former trainee is also doing excellent holding her sit command)

Monday, October 8, 2012


This handsome guy is Charlie.  He is a 1 year old Boxer that the Sheridan family adopted from the Atlanta Boxer Rescue.  He is here for Basic Obedience...... although he originally just signed up to board while his family was on vacation :o) He will be here for the next ten days learning his manners and the basic commands.  More about Charlie as his training progresses!


This is little Ellie.  She is a 4 month old Goldendoodle pup here for my Intermediate Obedience.  She is a super smart girl and although she's only been here 2 days I can already tell she's going to be a lot of fun to work with.  She is walking nicely on the leash without pulling now.  She ins't jumping up to say hello anymore, she is heeling with an automatic sit and doing her sit stay.  I will have more updates on Ellie in  a few days!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pictures Please!

Gracie & Bella Morton
Java Scully

Hi everyone!  I am doing a little project for my office & kennel and I need your help.  I would like to frame a picture of each of my clients to hang on display.  It would be great if you guys could email or "LIKE" us on Facebook & then post a picture my facebook page, Georgia K9 Academy Facebook Page, of your dog!! Thanks for your help!
Amy Goldsmith
Tori Beverly
Bernice Beck
Ceasar Kay
Casey Culifer
Erin Morgan
River Baker & Oliver Wernick

Sunday, September 9, 2012

~~~~~ BOARDING ~~~~~

Boarding can be a very stressful time for both your dog & owner.  I offer in home boarding where your dog gets to stay with me in my home just as one of my dogs would!!  We love our clients like they are our own dogs so whether your dog just needs to stay while you're away or if they are here for training we offer not just structure & discipline but the comfort & lots of furry friends to play with!  Your dog will be kenneled when unsupervised, for meal time, & bed time. We ask that you supply your dog's food so there aren't any upset tummies and a copy of your dog's annual vaccinations. I supply beds, bowls, toys & love!
Our large runs offer space for multi dog families 
Our elevated dog beds (provided by Berker's Beds) are comfy & clean
 When your dog isn't enjoying the comfort of their kennel they get to enjoy the comforts of being "at home" and for playtime we have a safe, fenced 1 acre dog yard with a doggie pool!! (open summer only).  For more information on boarding rates, scheduling or general questions please contact Ashleigh@ga-k9.com

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away.....

All this rain hasn't been good for me, Carmen & Sienna when it comes to off leash work.  Thank goodness the forecast looks good from now on and we will be working hard to get their off leash work where it needs to be!!  Carmen is doing great with her social skills except for when she is in the crate.  This is a few found confidence that she's just starting to show so I have started to address that and she's not 100% with it but she's getting there.  Sienna is doing good but her downfall is still distractions when she's off the leash so we will be working hard and getting her ready to see her family!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This sweet, funny faced girl is Carmen.  She is a 2 year old Boxer that is here to learn how to be a lady with other dogs as well as my Intermediate Obedience Package.  She has been here a few days and is settling in great.  She was a little unsure of her new friends at first but with a little time & encouragement she is starting to come around.  I'll have more pictures and more of a progress report as her visit unfolds!
She's not quite sure of Sienna's smooches


 This beautiful girl is 4 month old, Viszla, Sienna.  She has been here for my Advanced Obedience program.  She is about 2 weeks into her training.  She has learned how to heel nicely at my left side with no pulling.  When we stop, where most dogs would learn to sit, she is learning to stand for her future in the show ring.  She isn't actually learning the sit command at all.  She knows her down-stay command, although it is the one she struggles the most with.  She still needs much reinforcement in that command even with minimal distractions.  She is doing excellent at her place command.  She is maintaining her place command with little to no correction and for extended periods of time.  She has started her transition to the off leash work in some areas but I would like to see her a little more solid on all the basics before I progress more in that area with her.  She has made tons of friends & is quite the social butterfly.  She sort of holds the card as the annoying little sister..... everyone else is pooped and ready to rest & she's still bugging them to play :o)  The rest of her time here will be spent progressing with her off leash work, refining all her commands & adding more distractions!!! Stay tuned for more on Sienna!
Working on her place command with the distraction of her friends passing by

Holding her stand command
Free time. Visiting her bff Duke

Last playtime of the night!
Making friends with Carmen who is here for socialization
P.S. - - She's doing excellent with her potty training!