Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Updates!

Is it Monday yet!?! If the weekends brings bad weather, I'll stick to Monday - Friday, thank you very much. This weather certainly puts a damper on working with the pups. But none the less, rain or shine we have to work on something. Friday was great! After working with Blu & Toby at the park and then working Denali & Emi at Target & Walmart (separately obviously) we had PLAYTIME!!!!
Happy Boy!
The watchful eye of the group (Denali)

Boomer pounced right after I took this picture

Water break
Toby & Boomer
Blue & Maggie-may
Jake & Emi
Group shot
Another water break
Toby & Kaya racing
Boarder - Kaya
Best Frans
Boomer's only safe spot from having to wrestle with Blu
Another group shot (Ty, Mugs, Emi, Boomer, Oli & Toby)
Blue & Ruger
"Run Kaya.......... Run"
Wrestling & chasing (and Duke ears)
Emi & Ru chasing
..... and more chasing
Part of the group in a down-stay
Emi & Diesel
Emi & Blu were wrestling...... Blu loves being dirtyRecovery after playtime

Today has been pretty good as well. Blu got his intro to the remote collar as well as worked on his hardest task of the day..... dun dunn dunnnn......"PLACE". It's not his strongest point but it's definitely beneficial for him because he needs to learn patience & holding his attention to commands. Toby and Sadie also worked a bit. Sadie is doing excellent in her potty training & manners & Toby as well. Toby does have a great desire to be a bit too aggressive with the kitties so we've been working on that as well. He had some issues with the other large male dogs but we've moved past that as well. Toby has completed all his Basic commands (heel with auto sit, sit-stays, down-stays, come (on leash) as well as responding to "no", no more jumping up on people.... although he likes to put his paw out for you to hold it now and just being more calm in general. Now he has to do it all with distractions around :o) We'll see what next week brings for that!

Toby's sit-stay .... and down-stay (although Sadie is trying her hardest to get him up)

Toby 2 (service dog) has completed his Basic obedience as well & will start his work in public next week! It should be a very eventful week wrapping things up with some trainees, boarders going home and coming in & on a personal note, we're moving our horses to a new barn!!! YAY! Have a great Sunday & stay tuned for more updates :o)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Denali Update

Denali - the Great Pyrenees that is being trained
as an assistance dog & seizure detection companion is coming along nicely! He is finished with his Advanced Obedience work and has started his "in training" part of the service work. He works in public at least once daily and is learning to stay tethered and hold a down stay or place for extended periods of time as well. It's been a hard task for him to learn he can't get affection from every person that walks by..... although everyone that walks by wants to love all over him & ask questions about him :o)
His family is still in need of donations to help cover the cost of Denali training, certifications & covering any added expenses related to him being an assistance dog. If you would like to make a donation to help please contact me - or 678-984-5735

Service Dog In Training - EMI -

This is Emi. She is a 6 month old Red Labrador Retriever that is learning the ropes of being a service dog for her little boy Alex! She will act as an assistant for Alex as well as hopefully detecting his seizures. Emi will be with me for her Advanced Obedience as well as learning some additional tasks needed for her to assist Alex. Stay tuned for Emi's progress :o)

Unexpected Arrivals!

This is Toby & Sadie. Toby is a Giant Schnauzer/Black Labrador Mix & Sadie is a 5month old Chihuahua. They both will be with me for the next two weeks learning the Basic Obedience along with a little potty reinforcement, socialization & manners. Toby is a Nervous Nelly around new people, especially men & needs a confidence boost in general. He also has some issues with the kitties. His little sister, Sadie, needs a good potty routine & to learn to sloooow down a bit :o) They both have been absolute loves. We'll see how they shape up over the next few weeks!
Non-stop wrestling with Blue
Sleepy girl.... she tried soo hard to stay awake & play with Blue

Blu's Big Weekend!

Big boy Blu is doing 100% better in the potty department :o) Thank goodness for me! He's getting the routine, pottying in the pine straw only, going on command & we will start the potty bells by request from his momma! In the obedience department he is doing well as well. He has finished learning all his commands - Heel with auto sit, sit stays, down at my side, down stays, come with an auto sit, & place. Today we worked on adding the distractions in while doing all these commands. It wasn't a smooth transition but we had great sessions & he's coming around. He's starting to slow down & think more instead of just reacting. It's been a great first week & I'm sure he's just going to get better & better over the next few! More updates to come!
Blu on place

Blu's down stay :o)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Blu Pictures

Baby Blu Blu & the gang
Nyla bone anyone??

Blu meet kitty..... Kitty meet Blu

Blu had a lovely time with the Kong

Cute boy

Blu looooves Duke

He came...... he played........he conquered

Woe is me :(

This rain is no good for training, walking dogs or working. It's also no good for getting stubborn puppies to go potty. Blu is doing excellent with the things we need to learn for the day. I'm having to move a little slower with him to make sure he gets it but he gets it :) He is doing very well with pottying in the pine strawed area (which his momma requested)and he goes every time I take him outside (1 & 2)..... however...... he has no problem going #2 in his crate either. He is a potty machine. So this new found habit of his MUST be corrected pronto. We will go for his potty walk, work a bit, play a bit - if he's done well in his lesson, potty again and then back in his crate for a little down time while I work with someone else. And he conjures up another present for me!!! And he doesn't care either, most dogs would whine to let you know or freak out that it's in there.... nope, not Blue. He's a pooper trooper. So he's on a MUCH more strict potty schedule which stinks because he was going out very regular before but ya do what ya gotta do to teach the little grasshopper. So the rain sets us back a little bit today. He's still not quite ready for the distractions at PetSmart or having the other dogs around while we're working so we'll have to make do. Have a happy wet day & more on Pooper Trooper Blue!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Camper: BLU

Blue is a 4 month old Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (pictures to follow). I am super excited to work with him because the breed is sooo rare :) He is character, to say the least. He will be with me for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience. He had a great meeting of the gang. He is pretty outgoing & has NO fear of anything. He will be so much fun to work with over the next few weeks. He definitely has a stubborn streak but nothing too terrible at this point :) His momma will be following quite avidly, I'm sure, to see how her little soldier is shaping up! Day 1 was smooth. He's met a lot of people & is picking up on the no jumping, no playing with the leash & no pulling very nicely. Day 2 of heeling with the auto-sit is in the works. He is heeling wonderfully but isn't doing the automatic sit without reminders at this point. I have to work in a COMPLETELY calm environment because the slightest hint of any distraction completely throws him off; the distractions will come later :) He is learning to potty in pine straw only & is picking up on that without a hitch. So, more to come on the little man as the week progresses!

Monday, January 11, 2010

~Annie's Homecoming~

Miss Annie had her homecoming today & was sooo excited to see her momma! I'll have a follow-up with her in a week to see how she does with her homework this week! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet Girl Annie

Annie is doing pretty well considering we're only on her 2nd full day of training :) She's taken fine to the other dogs. She hasn't made a specific friend yet that she's buddied up with but it's still a little soon. She has been great riding in the car & definitely needs the exposure to anything & everything. She's just a scared girl that only knows to act like she's a big, bad girl to ward off, what she may feel as a potential danger.... which at this point.... is everything. It's going to be an full week for her, trying to get her around as much as possible so her family will have a good starting off point to continue her new routines & rules :o) More on Annie as the week goes on!
Ruger, Annie, Duke & Maggie passed out after morning playtime

Diesel, Mugsy, Ruger, Chase (hidden behind Annie), Annie & Blue...popping up to say hello Ruger, Annie, Duke & Maggie

Ollie & Annie snuggling..... it's cooooold

Luna-lady Update :)

Miss Luna is doing very well. She's over a week into her training now. She is walking nicely at my left side & sitting when we stop, she does her sit & down stays, come with auto finish (sit) is still questionable but she's getting there. She is socializing great with everyone & has actually become a little big for her britches the last few days. She had a bad habit of scratching vigorously at the trim around the door when she wanted in. And of course, mistakenly, her owners would reward her & letting her in the house. So she finally started that here so I've been able to correct it. She's not barking, like her owners had wanted but she is sitting nicely & waits until it's time to come in. She is also greeting people with all 4 on the floor! She is definitely a fan of our trips out so she can meet people. So I'd say with less than a week to go I'd give little Luna a B. We'll see what the rest of this week brings!!
Blue taking Luna for a walk