Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Some Pictures


The Newbee!!

She's finally here! My new Thoroughbred Mare, Britches is here. Her registered race name was "Let's Have Another" but I thought "Britches" was cute as her common name..... she IS too big for her britches. She's huge, bigger than my two Thoroughbred boys. She's 9 1/2 months pregnant & due June 16th. The vet came out yesterday & checked her. She is definitely down in weight, which I knew before I picked her up. The baby is pulling her down & taking most of everything we're feeding her in this stage of the game. We're just trying to maintain her for now & build her weight back up after the foal drops. Keep your fingers crossed for a COLT! So the daddy's name is "Glitz & Glory" & momma is "Let's Have Another" so typically the foal's name is a combination of the momma & daddy sooooo, I need suggestions of a registered name & then a common name that we'll call him (& I keep saying him because I really would like it to be a him ;o) Despite my crud feeling I spent a little time getting her groomed up & de-tick-efying her. She had a TON on her. So she's all purdy now!
Hello Girl!
Here's the baby!!
Pre-bath..... dull Drying after her bath
Post bath.... SOO shiny!

The kittens are getting so big, so fast. They still weeble-whobble around on there little legs.

"Misses Boss" "Creamy"
"Drover" just hang'n out
Good Momma, putting the babies to bed

Meet Bandit!!

Bandit's favorite spot in the house....

This is Bandit. He's a Border Collie here for the next three weeks for the Advanced Obedience! He's a very sweet, shy boy. He's been a little intimidated of the other dogs but he'll settle in over the next few days. He is SOOO smart. I showed him the potty bells ONE time & he got it. He rings them when he wants to go out now. Such a smart boy. Yesterday & today we've worked on his manners walking on a leash, which weren't too bad, also his heel with an auto sit & sit stays. He DOES NOT like the camera. He won't let me get his face without sneaking up on him. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good picture of him over the next few days! More to come on Bandit!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap!

This definitely was a roller coaster of a weekend; good & bad all rolled into one. The bad was that I had a stomach bug all weekend & felt like crud but still had to keep going. I got rest when I could but not like I wanted. Training with the pups is going pretty good. Aspen did really well with the recalls when he wasn't in a command; just a few hiccups & then he was back on track. He's going home on Wednesday :'o( I'm so sad. I've been giving him much more freedom around the house to see if he's going to put things in his mouth.... so far, so good. If I see that he's a bit too interested in anything I can just tell him no & get stops immediately. He's is SUCH a good dog. Perfect first time family guy & I wouldn't usually say that about a Labrador. Although super smart & great dogs overall, they can be a bit exuberant, stubborn, destructive & possibly insane ;o) for a first time pet. His family should have no problems reinforcing & getting great response from him.

Aspen's preferred method of "place"

Ava had a great training time at PetSmart. We ventured out on Friday to get her more food. Her past experience has been "embarrassing" (owner's words) for her owners. She did awesome with all the people that wanted to come up to her & say hello. She did great with the other dogs that were there & then randomly she freaked out barking at some crazy dogs that came in the door. We worked through that problem & she was great the rest of the trip. I'm going to take her again this evening to get more food for a different trainee & see how it goes. She's doing great with her recalls but she's become a little sneaky with getting off her place command, so , we're going to work on that extensively today :) Her potty training is going great. I make sure she goes out frequently especially when she's been playing & drinking a lot of water. She does have an excited/nervous tinkle that she's getting much better with. She should be ready to go the end of this week!

Vinnie is a STINKER. He's responding to the remote collar now & he understands everything now but he started just stopping & laying down when you tell him "come". So lots of motivation & encouragement to follow through with the command he's coming when called. Silly boy. He HATES coming inside when he's in the middle of playing. I still need to work a bit more on "place" with him. He too wants to leave the room when he can't see me for extended periods of time & when anyone walks in the front door. He doesn't move when the doorbell rings or someone knocks but the second they come through the door it's like his butt propels him in his cute little "U" shape towards that person. Soooo funny. He's too cute. His family is so excited to have him home this week! (I took pictures of him this weekend but they are on my camera that I left in cowboy's truck..... so pictures of Vinnie later on ;o)

Saturday morning I picked up, Dood! He is a 1yr old Goldendoodle that I'm going to have for 4-6 weeks training for my Aunt & Uncle. He is an absolute doll. They have decided to rename him "Kinsley". Of course I think it's super cute & I'm soooo flattered. He is so well behaved, so willing to please, super sweet, potty trained, crate trained, current on everything & beautiful. They couldn't be more excited about him & I couldn't be more happy to have him for the next month or two. I just adore him. I'm so happy for them & happy to have Kinsley in the family!! Updates on his progress to come with new pictures!

Diesel's training is going great. I've finished his forced retrieval, which is asking him to bring things to me & pick things up for me. We're starting on the door opening this week. I had to order a special hook to attached to the door knobs for him to be able to pull down & back to hold the door open. I'm hoping Tom can get some pictures of me working him this week so I can show everyone how well he's doing.

Saturday was the final show of "Annie" at my sister's high school. Henry did wonderful despite the few kinks in the show. I was so sad for him to go. I get so attached to my training pups. I LOVE MY JOB!

Henry & Annie in his first scene "If this is your dog then call him to you.... call him by his name, Sandy"

Street life is hard when you're live'n in a shanty.... Annie & Henry's final scene
Take a bow!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"ANNIE" the Musical.... Staring HENRY!

The show was amazing & Henry did AWESOME! I hope you like pictures. One more show to go!

Annie & Henry before the show!

My loverly sister, Casey, Chase & Henry---She plays the dog catcherHenry getting all the love'n from the girls before the show Daddy Warbucks & Henry before the show Annie & Sandy during the show!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Good, Good, Trainees :o)

My little group of trainees are kick'n bootie!! Everyone is doing so great. Ava has hit her stubborn streak but she's still doing great. Her stubbornness is a combination of wanting to act anxious & whining while ignoring & not following her commands; silly girl. I had to take a few steps back & work her through this problem before we move forward. She isn't jumping at the back door anymore...... so far :o) She's doing much better with her potty training as well. She's definitely one you have to watch & make sure she goes to the bathroom. She doesn't necessarily associate being outside with going potty. She'll be outside playing for 10-15 minutes & she hasn't gone that whole time. I have to stop the playing & let her remember what the deal is & then she'll go. She's doing really great on her "place" command. I've been able to get her up to about an hour without corrections. I can also leave the room for extended periods of time, work with the other dogs while she's on her place, vacuum around her..... that one took a LOT of practice :) She's doing very well. As soon as she works through this phase I'd like to start her back on her off leash work!

Aspen is awesome! We're working on his recalls while off the leash & he's far away & he's not in a command. He does great coming when called if he's already in "training mode" so now I want to make sure he'll come when called if he's in the middle of playing or way back in the yard sniffing & exploring. So far, so good! He's doing excellent with his potty training! He is still very mouthy as far as wanting to lick anything or try to put anything in his mouth. He gets corrected every time he puts anything in his mouth that isn't an appropriate toy. I think a lot of that has to do with him teething. None the less we're working on him not putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.

VINNIE is doing very well also! He's such a sensitive little guy. He needs lots of positive reinforcement that he's doing well. He's doing okay with the remote collar. We're moving super slow with it & still easing him into it. He's not quite sure about it & he's a little distracted by the feeling of it. He hasn't put two & two together that the static stimulation of the nick means the same thing as a leash & collar correction. But that's okay. Everybody moves at their own pace :o) He's doing excellent & he'll get there. He's doing great with his potty training as well..... well until last night's miniature storm. He wasn't having any part of going outside last night so of course there was a wonderful surprise this morning. We had so much hail from that storm it looked like 1/2 inch of snow in the flower & shrub beds!!! Craziness!!

Last night was opening night for Annie the musical at North Gwinnett High School. A little recap for anyone not sure what I'm talking about...... My sister is a Senior at this HS & her Theatrical Director contacted me about training a "Sandy" for the play. Right off the top of my head I knew Henry the Goldendoodle, owned by Katie Grese, would be PERFECT! I trained him for the Advanced Obedience last fall. He's 1yrs old, super calm & loves everyone! So...... back to last night. Henry did AWESOME! He's done excellent at practice but I knew things would be different with an audience. Henry didn't' care. He was right on point the whole night!! I couldn't have been more proud. For anyone that would like to attend & see the show it's:

North Gwinnett Hight School
20 Level Creek Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024
Thurs, Fri & Saturday
Saturday Afternoon Show 2-4pm.
Tickets are $10 adults $8 for children/student

It would be great if people could come out & support the kids. I know they would really appreciate it. They've worked so hard & most of them are Seniors so this will be their last show before graduation. I'll have pictures to post of the show tonight! Have a great FRIDAY!!!

Vinnie on "place" while my neighbor rings the door bell.... tempted but he stays!

Aspen sleeping with my tennies.... and no chewing :o)

  • Vinne with silly ears
    Ava being a good girl ignoring Foxie while she sleeps on her placeVinne was quite content loungin in Mr. Tom's lap :)
    He's pooped after playing
    Duke & Vinnie exploring......
    "Sweet face"
    Say cheeeeese.....
    Sleepy Ava on place
    She's on a mission......
    So, they do get tired ;o)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Updates Again!!

I'm happy to have more great updates for everyone about their babies!

First, Spike & Landon had their go home lesson on Saturday. Their family was very happy to have them home. They were doing excellend with their manners & potty training. As long as the family keeps up the consistency & routine those two will be great!!

Parker also went home on Saturday. His momma & daddy were SO happy to see him, as he was to see them. He was doing so great. They were headed out that night to practice Parker's place command at a new restaurant that allows you to bring your pets onto the pation! So much fun! I'll have more updates on Parker to come!

Niles had his go home lesson as well, yesterday. He is doing beyond great. He's super responsive to the remote training & is just as cool & calm as a cucumber. Like I've mentioned before he's definitely one you have to CONSTANTLY reinforce but he's a very good, sweet, little boy! I can't wait to have updates on his progress with his family. I'll get to see him in May when he comes back to board! YAY!

Vinnie is coming along awesome. We've of course completed all his commmands & are now working on distractions for him as well as intro-ing the remote collar. He's hit a bit of a stubborn patch but it's normal & I'm sure he'll move right out of it. He's playing great, potty training is going excellent & he could be my most favorite boxer I've trained ;o) He's been so great!!

Aspen is my little love. He is doing AWESOME. He's going to be a fantastic first pet for this family. He's is soooo smart & so willing to please. We still have about a week's worth to complete his training but he's right on track & doing better than I could have expected! Pictures to come later on !

Ava is GREAT! She too is doing excellent with all her commands. She is VERY social with the other dogs. I did notice a bit of possessiveness over the water bowl this weekend that I'm am addressing immediately......reminds me of Lucy. She's okay to share the bowl if she goes up to others drinking but if she's there first, she's trying to guard & act a little too big for her britches. I'll nip that in the bud immediately :o) We're starting her remote collar work & heavier distractions. She just started jumping at my back door, which was a problem her owners were having so I can now address that, yay! More to come on Ava as well!

Gracie the Bull Terrier is visiting us for the week as well. Henry the Golden-doodle is staying with me this week too! He's the big star in North Gwinnett's High School play "Annie". I've been given the opportunity to train him for his parts. The show is this week. I hope everyone can come out & support the kids & see Henry!! The show is Thurs, Fri, & Saturday (two shows). It should be so cute!

On a sad note, the littlest white kitten passed away last night. She hasn't been nursing like she should & literally was half the size of the other babies. She had become weak & frail. I brought her home & was hand feeding her formula every few hours but it wasn't enough. She's in heaven with Tanner now.

Okay, I can't end on a sad note.....
Oh, Diesel's training as Ms. Harrison's service dog has started. I have begun teaching him to pick up items. He's doing so well. He's such a job oriented dog this should be such a great opportunity for him! Pictures & updates on Diesel later on!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone...... it's half way over now!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Very Sad Weekend....

I hope everyone had a good weekend. It was pretty enough. We had a bad, bad weekend. Saturday morning I took Tanner to the vet because he didn't eat his breakfast that morning as well as the morning before, which is NOT like him. I noticed his stomach had become very distended & the points of his hips & spine started to show within days. I thought maybe he had a stomach bug & hoped the vet could prescribe meds for him. At worst I expected him to tell me his heart murmur had gotten worse & it was time for heart meds. The vet did Xrays on Tanner because he said he felt a mass in his abdomen. The mass turned out to be a tumor, malignant we assume because of how quickly Tanner went down hill. The tumor was on his liver & what appear from the Xrays also his spleen. There was nothing the vet could do at this point. The tumor had grown to the size of a grapefruit & Tanner was in a great deal of pain. At 12 noon he passed away in my arms. I am very sad he is gone but glad he's no longer in pain. We'll miss all his silly & quirky ways. He definitely wasn't a looker but he had the biggest heart & will be greatly missed.
Tanner with his brothers Chase & BoomerTanner sleeping his most favorite way Yep... he was quite the computer whiz.
I'm told it's a face only a mother could love.....
Tanner - 2005 with his brother Ty, Diesel & Ruger
We'll miss you "Wenis"