Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Field Trip Day!!

Learning how to obey commands and learning how to obey commands with the excitement of a new place, new distractions and new people are two VERY different things. As part of the training we MUST have field trip days where the trainees & I venture out to fun places like the park, Home Depot, Petsmart/Co, etc to test the waters & make sure that they understand that the new *rules* don't just apply to Ms. Ashleigh's house...... it's everywhere. Teaching the dogs to obey away from home is an ongoing process & should continue throughout the life of your dog. Just like with people, if you don't use your skills they get rusty. So this field trip consisted of a run through Petsmart for some usuals & then a trip through the garden center at Home Depot. The employees LOOOVE when I bring the dogs by and they always love to see how each dog varies and tries to challenge me. Luke's biggest challenge is always accepting the fact that not everyone wants to or will be able to say hello to him (the perks of being a Golden Retriever). And Chipster's biggest challenge so far paying attention to his commands with "life" going on around him. Both pups did excellent!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Updates on Trainees!!

It always gets crazy this time of year..... the pups get extra frisky as well. How about updates on how everyone is doing--- (I apologize ahead of time for not having many pictures. I left my camera at the barn & I didn't find it until Saturday evening.)

Luke is doing very well. He is camping out a little longer than his scheduled 3 weeks because he's having a little difficulty not being tempted off the leash by wonderful distractions like people, food, dogs, toys.... well, you name it, he gets excited about it! He isn't trying to steal anything anymore and he's not falling for me leaving food at ground level for him to snag either :o) He should be ready to go home this Friday & I'm very excited for his family to see the new & improved, super sweet, spectacular LUKE!!!

Charlie brown is a new camper!! He is here for Basic Obedience & fixing a few bad habits he has picked up in his short 4 months of living :o) He is a Goldendoodle puppy and as always beyond sweet, super willing to please & a little excitable. He is doing very well in a controlled environment and not many distractions. He's heeling nicely on the leash & stopping when we sit. He can hold his sit & down stays for a good length of time he comes & sits at my feet when called and each day the distractions get harder & harder. This is where we're still working on things. He also will be ready to go home on Friday and his mom & dad are definitely going to have their hands full with this little guy. :o) More updates on Charlie brown to come!

Mason has had quite the change of events happen in his life. I contacted a client that also happens to be a foster mom for the rescue organization that Mason is from. I spoke with her about her family becoming Mason foster family until he's adopted. She offers a good stable, calm environment & can continue the training that he has learned given that she's put her two boxers through the Advanced Obedience. Well Lauren is also leaving to go to the school in Ohio that I graduated from to become a dog trainer & she is going to be taking Mason as her project dog!! This is awesome for him. He'll get tons of work, socialization and hopefully even adopted!! I know she's not going to want to find him a home once she meets him. He's one in a million and I wish I could make him part of my gang :o) I am super excited for Mason & I hope to have good news to report this summer on how well he's doing!

Chipster is a Pitt-mix that is here for some Basic Obedience & socialization from his wonderful foster family in Lilburn. We don't know his exact age but he's definitely under 1 year old and full of personality. He was rescued by his foster momma next to a dumpster. He's been treated like a king, pampered & fed well and now he's with me learning his social skills with other dogs & cats so that he will make someone a very good companion! Pictures to come on Chip & please pass along the word to anyone would like to offer Chip a structured, loving, forever home!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Denali's Big News!!!!

I received FABULOUS news today from Denali's owner. He's been back home 1 week now after his 3 months in training as Hudson's Service Canine/Seizure detector and he detected Hudson's seizure while Hudson was taking his nap!!! Excellent news & I'm glad to see this pair is turning out to make an incredible team!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Luke & His 1 Week Progress Report

This is Luke! He is an almost 2 year old Golden Retriever. He is with me for the Advanced Obedience. He also has taken a liking to eating anything & everything he can get his mouth on including but not limited to, pillows & cushions, pool lights, furniture, cords. Some of his favorite activities include counter surfing, jumping on people to say hello & just being over exuberant in general. He is a super sweet boy that is very willing to please but lacking in direction & structure. He has finished 1 week of his training and is now walking nicely on the leash at my left side & sitting when we stop, holding his sit & down stays, come with an automatic sit & place! We have also worked on his excessive eating of things & stealing of anything he can find. Here are some pictures of what I like to call "Attack of the bread & cheese"........

Here's Luke on "place" surrounded by a bread bag, paper, his favorite dish rags, a can of peanuts, the kitty, a slice of bread & a piece of cheese

"Hello kitty...."

The bread is stalking him
and the cheese too....

bad, bad, cheese & bread

The rag is in on it too!!

He's probably going to have nightmares of the cheese & bread taunting him forever now, heehee. He is making HUGE progress but doing wonderful! More to come as the next two weeks of his training unfold!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mason Needs A Home

This is Mason. He is a 1-2 year old Boxer that is available for adoption through Rockin P Rescue group. He is with me for the next few weeks working on his socialization with other dogs & people. He is a nervous guy but SUPER sweet. He would be great in a home that didn't have small kids & a family that had plenty of time to make Mason a forever part of the family. He is doing very well his first week here. He is still very nervous but definitely coming around. He has a great desire to please and picks up on things very quickly. More updates on Mason's progress later on :)

"Blue sit.... good girl, Mason, sit....good boy :)

Jake's Last Day :o)

It is always bitter-sweet when a camper finishes up with training. Today is Jake's last day. He will be heading off tomorrow morning to meet back up with his family & show off his new manners & skills!! Jake is walking nicely at my left side for walks & sitting when we stop, he is obeying all the basic commands on a leash such as sit-stays, down-stays, & we did a little extra with him and added the place command. He is no longer counter surfing for goodies & no long jumping up for attention. He has new ways of greeting people that are much more inviting. Jake is still very fresh into his training & it's up to his mom and dad to take charge & keep up the consistency. The first week home is always very trying & so crucial for the mom's and dads. More updates on Jake as the weeks progress after he returns home!!