Friday, February 26, 2010


Car magnets are here!! You get one free with your training package (if requested). If you would like additional magnets purchase them for only $5.00!!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Jake!

This is Jake. He is here for the Basic Obedience along with Behavior Modification & potty training. Jake was a rescue pup that came with a lot of bagage. I have been working on his counter surfing issues, jumping up, pulling on the leash, excessive barking, marking & of course the basics. It's 4 days into his training & he is make good progress. He is coming along slowly but surely & here some pictures of Jake working :o)

Jake holding a sit with the front door open
... and holding his down while I open the back door
"Good boy".... he got his belly rubbed :o)
Setting Jake up for his counter surfing with some shrimp, hot dogs & cheese....mmmmm
yes..... he failed this go around but it was a great lesson! :o)
More updates to come as Jake's training progresses & the distractions get harder & we dive deeper into the fun stuff!

Milli's Homecoming

Millie G. also went home at the end of last week. She was doing very well but definitely will be a continued challenge. I will have a follow-up lesson with Millie on Thursday to see how her & her momma are coming along with the new routine & rules! More updates to come.

New Camper Luxe

This is Luxe! He is a 4month old French Bulldog. He is with me for the Basic Obedience and potty training. I am crazy for him! He has actually been with me since last week but I have been a little under the weather & not updating my blog like I should. He is doing super with him obedience & I would say about a C average when it comes to him potty training. He's been a sneaky, sneak when it comes to pottying but he's getting much better. In the obedience department he has learned his heeling nicely on the leash & to sit automatically. Sit & down stays, lets go, & come. He didn't need any help in the socialization department so he's all A's there :o) Luxe will be staying with me a few extra days to work on his attention to commands & distraction proofing a bit more. In the mean time here are some pictures to see how Luxe has been spending his "off time"......

Saying hello to my little friend

He's helping the clean up crew

More of the cute face
Helping build
"nah.... building is not for me"
".....wrestling with the cat is!!!"
"...and sleeping in the sun"
".....and chewing on a Nyla Bone"
".... and hanging out with my new friends"
"Yep.... that's what I like doing :)"
" well..... playing on the trash pile was fun too"
"And I loved getting my belly rubbed"
"I've had fun at training..... it's not so bad :o)"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You's

Thank you to the Swanson Family & to Amanda Beck for contributing to the Hudson Scheck Fund! The family really appreciate any help they can get for getting Denali trained!

Emi Is Home To Her Boy

It was a great reunion between Emi & her little boy Alex. Emi is well on her way, though still in the training stages of being an official serviced dog for Alex. We will have many follow up lessons & her family will be learning the ropes to teaching Emi her new job! Stay tuned for updates on Emi & Alex!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Emi the Super Star

Emi is doing excellent with her Service Dog Training! She is going to be great for her little boy. Her training is coming to an end & she will be going home on Monday. These last few days we've been polishing up on her tethering & food distractions. She's come a long way over these last few weeks & I can't wait to see the training continue once she gets back with her family!
Emi's sporting her new vest
On Place
Emi practicing "tether time". I pull against her & her job is to hold a down no matter what.

New Camper

This is Millie G! Millie is a 4 month old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She will be with me for the next week for some Basic Obedience. She is a crazy girl that just needs to learn a little manners & how to pay attention to some basic commands so that her momma can enjoy being with her more! She has done excellent so far on: Heel with an automatic sit, sit(stays), down at my side & down(stays). She is definitely learning to pay more attention & although it would be more fun to run around the house like a bull in a china shop it just can't happen.Stay tuned for Millie's progress!

Millie holding a sit with kitty distraction

...and puppy distractions
.....and with the front door open
Millie has had a great day so far. More to come tomorrow!

Blu's Homecoming Day :o(

Today is Blu's last training day with me. Tomorrow morning Blu will get to see his family after 23 long weeks! He has come such a long way and is doing so well. He is still very much puppy but so much for fun & manageable. His family will have a long road ahead of them with Blu & I hope that I have made him a much better part of the family!! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to work with him & you guys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blu's Skills :o)

Blu's hardest challenge of the day is staying on his place for any length of time. He doesn't care if there's nothing going on or if there are heavy distractions all around. I just wanted him to show off for his mom & dad! Enjoy:

Along with his daily place exercise Blu had to get another bath due to his lack of caring if he's a mess.... just like a little boy :o) He'll definitely be seasoned when it comes to being used to having a bath! Doesn't get much cuter than that!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Updates on the Trainees!

I am happy to report things are moving smoothly in the training department!

Toby Waldsmith:
Mr. Toby is doing quite well with his manners, he's definitely much calmer (unless it's playtime & then he's a maniac) but he is still extremely fearful of most men & some women. So he is going to be hanging out a bit long so I can continue his socialization around people. But! He is is doing excellent with the cats, playing great with the other dogs now, following all his commands with the greatest of ease & of course is a love :) His little baby sister, Sadie, will be scheduled to go home this weekend & I'm sure her momma will be ecstatic to have her home! She will have tight schedule to maintain for her potty routine but I know she can do it!

Blu is quite the camper. He is doing excellent with the remote collar training & has done a 180 with his attention to holding his commands (place, sit & down). The absolute hardest is staying on place while I vacuum around him but he's almost flawless :) He hit a growth spurt & is quite goofy with his long legs that he can't control. He enjoys his outings to Petsmart/Co, Home Depot, etc to work on his obedience in public. It's funny how many people say... "what kind of pointer is that?" Yay! But everyone loves saying hello to him & he has great manners when meeting people. He is such a smart boy! He is doing excellent with his potty training & we haven't had any accidents in the crate in over a week! One more week left so it's time to buckle down & really throw the hard stuff at him! More pictures & updates on Baby Blu as his hard week unfolds!
Little Emi is doing excellent but has definitely gotten quite full of herself over the last few days & is testing the waters a bit more to see what she can get away with. She absolutely knows when she's in "work mode" verses just being at home. She definitely doesn't have any fear about other dogs now & is quite the social butterfly during playtimes. Emi is well on her way of becoming a very good service dog. Only a week+ left she gets to see her boy again! Please check out Alex Collins Service Dog Fund on Facebook!
That's all for now! Check back in this weekend to see more updates on all the trainees!