Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Java Is A Star

Java is doing really great! She started her "place" command the end of last week & has done excellent with the command. She picks up on her commands very quickly & isn't too pushy to get her way. She has stayed on her place for about an hour or more without correction & with the distraction of the other dogs around, people coming into the house, ringing of the door bell & eating dinner. Excellent job Java!!!

Java on place with her favorite toy

As well as working on staying on place for extended lenghts of time & having heavy distractions around I started her on her off leash. She's doing really well in the sterile environment..... we'll see how she does with the added distractions & a bit more distance between the two of us .... eeeks!!

In A Word.........Ambitious

Zoee's Homecoming :o)

Everyone seems to be clearing out!  Zoee went home over the weekend as well!  She was so excited to be home & play with their Dane/Pitt mix puppy.  She managed to keep herself clean for all of about 3 1/2 seconds & then she was wrestling with the other dog.... oh well.  She did great during her lesson & I hope to hear good reviews from her family on her progress over the next few week!

Bella Homecoming!

Bella had her go home lesson over the weekend.  She did great despite her initial excitement of seeing the family & grandparents :o)  It was a family affair.  I'm sure the Edwards family will be great at following through & I hope to see Bella for boarding over the holidays!!

Itty Bitty Homecoming

Spanky, Andy & Sandy had their homecoming & they were so excited to see their family after a whole month.  They were doing excellent with their potty traning  & manners & I don't think they'll be a problem at all as long as the family keeps up the schedule & they stay consistent! :o)

Fun Filled Weekend!


Java, Zoe, Duke, Sampson & Mugsy

Zoe playing with Ty & Mugsy

Mugsy, Boomer (what a tongue) & Zoe wrestling

...... still wrestling

Intros all around

It's amazing!! She does get tired!!

Java is spent & Zoe just keeps on goin.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is Sampson!! Sampson is an Anatolian Shepherd. He will be with me for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience & socialization with people. He's a bit of a nervous guy when he's away from his comfort zone & people so I've had to take extra time to make sure he trust me right off the bat so he will stay focused & we can make progress. He's done great so far with his socialization. I've been taking him everywhere with me (practically) so he is exposed to all different people, noises, objects, etc. He's been a bit overwhelmed with the dogs, change of environment, meeting new people, the horses, cats and so on and so on and...... but it definitely has hindered his eating; little man an put some food down :) He's getting excited when he sees me now & is starting to come towards me instead of backing away or just ignoring me. He's slowly getting better & learning the routine so I think he's going to be just great!

Sampson is pooped after working & playtime

Duke says..... what's in there??

"The look"
Duke kisses everything

How Bella Got Her Groove Back :)

Bella is kick'n butt & take'n names!! She is doing awesome with her off leash work & I couldn't be more please. The real test will be when she's back on her stomp'n grounds & around her people though..... (dunnn....dunnnn......dunnnnnnn). She is going home Saturday & I can't wait for them to see the new & improved, BELLA!! More to come after her go home lesson!!

Zoe Two (With one E)

This is Zoe also! It's been fun trying to get one to pay attention & the other Zoee comes running ..... but as I was saying. This is Zoe. She's a 4 month old Lhaso Apso mix breed. She is too cute for words :) She is with me for the Basic Obedience & socialization. She was acting a bit insane on her walks when she would see other dogs..... Well that has been changed drastically. She is now playing & walking with the other dogs and responding to her basic obedience commands! She also had a weird thing with touching around her neck where she had a little anxiety & intern would snarl & snap so we worked through that as well :) She's good to go! Now it's just teaching the momma how to continue her socialization & incorporate her new commands into her everyday actvities!
Zoe holding her down :)

Zoe's boyfriend.... she looooooves him

Smoochie --- smoochie---

~Meet Java!~

This is Java! She is a 4 month old chocolate Labradoodle. She is with me for the next few weeks for the Intermediate Obedience Program. She has been with me since this past Friday & her first week has been a hit. She is has finished her basic commands with the greatest of ease & is responding to them around pretty tough distractions. She just started her place command today (Thurs) so I didn't make her hold that command for more than about 15 minutes; small successes! She is doing great & has made tons of friends. She's plays great with everyone & is such a love. She has great manners when she meets people now & puts her fanny on the ground & waits nicely :o) She's been great to work with thus far!

Cute girl

Faith... meet Java. Java.... meet Faith. Java in a sit-stayJava in a down-stay (she held it for 5min!)

I will be starting to phase into giving her commands off the leash around controlled environments with little distraction this next week & then working into harder scenarios as the week goes on. More to come on Miss Java as the week unfolds!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spanky, Andy & Sandy

My little Itty Bitties are so great. Spanky is getting "teutered" (neutered) on Thursday morning(yay!!) which is really going to help his desire to mark. Andy & Sandy are doing awesome with their potty training schedule. They'll be right on track when they return home & it'll be up to mom & dad to keep up the progress!! I've loved having them around, they're very cute :)

Piper the Great!!

Piper's light has finally come on..... she gets it. She's responsive to all her commands like she's supposed to be & doing great! She loves our rides to PetSmart & to the barn, she's doing great off the leash when she's at a distance now. She was cutting her eyes at me very mischievously & bolting if she knew I was telling her to come. It's cute but I'm not playing that game :o) Now she's coming when called, staying when put to stay & FINALLY responding to "No" & she's not pushing 3 or 4 times to see if she can really get away with it!! She's scheduled to go home Thursday morning so more to come on Piper's Homecoming!

Splish Splash They Were Take'n a Bath......Again

So Bella & Zoee have NO concern for being clean & all the rain & mud certainly does not help. So we're at about a bath a day for them both. It's insane!! Zoee has started her advanced off leash work. She's doing really well but still very excitable around things. It's initial crazy excitement; she goes ba-zurko for a moment & then she's good. Bella on the other hand is not as crazy about the things. She'll watch from a distance but has no inclination to venture out to see new things especially if they involve a strange or loud noise. So I'm putting off starting the advanced distractions with her until I can work her past her fear of the easier things. She is definitely making progress. Her old reaction was to scream & flail around on the end of the leash like it's out to eat her -"It's a Bella eating monster & it's coming to get me!!!!" Now she acts like she wants to run & hide but she's maintaining her commands (sit or down stay) about 75% of the time; HUGE IMPROVEMENT! So my two dirty girls are doing well & I'm taking added precautions to keep them from being disgusting but puppies will be puppies...... *sigh*.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

P-Piper Update

Piper is drawing nearer to her go home date :o( She is doing rather well but has finally started to push it just a bit. Which for her is a good thing because she's hasn't done much misbehaving for me to teach her the right things. Her hardest distraction is other dogs..... she loves them!! She has to see her mind. She loves going to the horses & doesn't seem to mind them at all. She's doing very well being off the leash for the most part but I assume she'll be more of a challenge once she's home so the majority of that work will be done with her mom & dad :o) So, great job this past week Piper & more to come after her homecoming!

~Bella Update~

Little Bella has been quite a handful this past week. She is minding her commands for the most part but now that I've added in more distractions & she's going to more public places learning to mind everywhere, she's taken to acting dramatic & loud or just ignoring me all together. It's been quite comical for me but I would imagine as an outsider looking in it would seem that something is insanely wrong with her as she squeals & flops around on the other end of the leash & then composes herself. I need a camera crew following me daily to catch the silliness that my trainees throw at me. I've had her at the park around small kids & her manners of not jumping are great.... we'll see how she does once we start the off leash work ;o) She has seems to be a bit spooky of certain people; men & women where she doesn't want to say hello. No rhyme or reason that I've found; maybe she knows something I don't....hmmm??? With the rain we've had I've had to bathe her a few more times since she doesn't seem to care if she gets gross out in the yard or not. She's doing pretty well with her potty training now that the rugs are up & she knows what door to go to if she needs to go out. So yay for Bella (but more yay for Ash..... no more accident clean up). So, all in all Bella's not doing too bad. We'll work past her dramaticness & get her responding better to her commands with the new distractions & THEN.... it's time to start her OFF-LEASH-WORK!!!! So exciting!!

The Itty Bitties Update

Spanky, Sandy & Andy are moving right along with their potty training & new rules. They are sticking great to the new schedule & go out very frequently. When they can't be with me, in my sight, they go in their crate & seem to love it..... especially since they know that's where they eat. They're getting along great with everyone but don't really have any interest in playing. They're quite content just snuggling with me or watching from a blanket on the couch as I work. Just over the last few days I've noticed Spanky having beef with Andy, out of no where for absolutely nothing it seems. But I'm sure they're swapping secret doggie ques that apparently Spanky's not fond of. So Spanky's been put in his place a couple of times learning that that kind of behavior isn't tolerated.... period :o) So the "Itty Bitties" as I call them, are doing great. They seem to enjoy our ride to the barn in the mornings & if I have to make quick runs here & there. They mind very well & I have had no issues with them misbehaving; they've been great!!!

*Update on Zoee*

Awww, little Zoee..... in a word; Stinker. She like a kid that wants to negotiate everything & push the limits on everything but in the most submissive, "I'm too cute, don't make me listen" kind of way. If I put her on place or in a down or in a sit stay & I leave her sight & come back into sight you'd think I'd been gone for hours! Her excitement is insane & she breaks command & we're back at the beginning. So needless to say adding harder distractions in this week has been an extra hard challenge for her. But I will perservere!! I'd rather her show the defiance at this stage in the game rather than later on :o) She is the most social, sweet little thing though. She loves playtime. She & Oliver have buddied up as well as one of my boarders, Shelly (a 1yr old Bichon). So, Zoee is doing very well & moving forward.... we just have this sticky stuff this week :o)

Friday, October 2, 2009

This Is Zoee!!

This is Zoee. She is a 4 month old Spanish Water Dog. She has been here since Monday & is doing very well. She is going through with the Advanced Obedience program. She is an excitable girl with two settings sleeping & crazy. She definitely needs to learn patience & needs a little confidence booster. She has a nervous/excited personality & she pees every time she sees me or anyone at that rate. Since Monday she has learned heel with auto sit, sit stays, down at my side, & down stays, place & come. I've had to go a little slower with her because everything needs to be done veeerrry slow to teach her to slow down and think. The praise is very slow & almost massaging. She doesn't need any help being excited so we're taking it down a peg & teaching her how to say hello & receive affection without the peeing & excitement. ...... that seemed a bit long winded. Zoee LOOOOVES playtime with the other dogs. She & Bella are great friends although Bella poops out before she does. Zoee & Oliver are non-stop but they need their crazy time :o) Anywho..... She is doing very well & we'll see how she takes to the added distractions this next week! More to come on Zoee!

Zoee's Down-stay

..... and her sit-stay Zoee on place. This has been great for her to learn patience :o)

Bella-bo Update!

Little Bella-bo is due for her 1 week progress report. She is doing well. She has completed heel w/an auto sit, sit at my side, sit stays, down at my side, down stays, place & come. She still needs work on down when I'm facing her or at a distance & I'd like to see her responding the first time instead of making me work for it every time but all in all she's doing well; I give her a B for this past week :o) We had a rough couple of days when she was learning the potty schedule/feeding schedule. She saw many baths this past week...heheheehe. But she is on track now & this next few weeks should be a breeze. This up coming week the distraction will get a bit harder & I'll start taking her around parks when there are lots of kids around. I would like to work on her jumping & nipping at small kids & ignoring the craziness that is little kids at the playground! More updates on Bella to come but for now here are some pictures of Bella-bo working!!

Bella & Piper saying hello! Bella holding a down while Jake is relaxing
Bella holding a down while ignoring the goodies I've laid out for her (the vacuum is running)
Bella holding her sit
Bella on place.....
Bella saying hello to Faith