Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Very quick updates up to this point:

 Roxy-girl is home sweet home & was doing awesome!!

River had his go home lesson & is now back for boarding & live'n it up with his friends!
Everyone has been enjoying the B-E-UTIFUL weather!!

...And lots of love to top it off :o)

Estelle has joined her momma back home & Emma is soon to follow!

New trainees Pearl, Biscuit & Service dog in training - Shepherd, info to come soon!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Picture Updates

Emma on place by herself
Emma & Estelle both on place...too cute :)
River practicing his place, sweet face :)
River & his best bud Oliver practicing place together
Roxy in her sit-stay
...... and her down-stay
- Roxy: "haha.... I'm not on place, Oliver".  -Oliver: "haha, that's because you haven't learned it yet..."

We've also been practicing place with the doorbell......

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Little Works In Progress

Rainy days offer up an opportunity for us to really focus on place, down-stays, & sit-stays

River practicing his "place" command and looking like a frog
Oliver holding his down-stay although that mischievous look tells me he could do something at any moment :o)
Oliver & River face wrestling on their relaxing time
Little Emma holding her down-stay. She's doing awesome
Estelle & Roxy were holding their down-stays & decided to fall asleep. That's what I would do :o)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Estelle :o)
Emma, Toby & Oliver
Mason & Chip
Hello, how are you? Hello, how are you?
They love the rocks
Big boy Chip :o) Still available for adoption!
Boomer is sniffing the air....heehee

We're Spring Break'n It

It's that time of year again where chaos meets warm weather :o) It's a full house around here with my wonderful boarding clients & my new trainees!!! I have many updates over the last week. Mr. Luke has rejoined his family and was doing excellent!! Charlie Brown also joined his family right before the start of Spring Break & he will be testing his new skills at the lake house. I hope to have a good report card at our follow up lesson :o) I've also been joined by 5 new trainees over the new few weeks -

~ Estelle & Emma ~

The Bobbsey twins are 5 month old Great Dane puppies. They are quite the duo. Emma is a very special girl; she deaf and almost completely blind. After spending the past week with her I have found she can see close to her & she can pick up on movement at a distance but the clarity isn't great. I am of course teaching her hand signals and doing remote work with her to keep her attention because of course you can't get her attention off the leash. They both are doing very well after a rough few days in the potty training department. We are on track and they should be good to go at the end of next week!

~ Roxy ~
Roxy is a 6month old Goldendoodle puppy that is here for some MAJOR socialization with other dogs and people. She has been a little sheltered
and hasn't had the proper amount of socialization with strange people & other animals and she has extreme fear aggression towards all these things. So course of action for Roxy is to have a good solid foundation of trust in me and a good solid foundation of obedience and she will be inundated with meeting new dogs, people & scary object for the next two weeks. Now that she has already shown fear aggression, the importance of her owners continuing to take her out & expose her to new things is amplified by 10x's. Puppy Preschool is a great way to learn to set your new puppy up for success & curb behavior problems!! :o) Stay tuned for Roxy's progress!

~ River ~

River is a 9 month old Springer Spaniel and too cute for words. He's been dubbed a bit of a barker & a little unruly at home so he's with me for some Intermediate Obedience. He's been here for 5 days now & is breezing through his commands with the greatest of ease so I have increase the distraction level substantially :o) The next two weeks with River are going to be great & I'm happy to challenge the little guy and learn from him as well! So stay tuned for his progress report.

~ Oliver ~
Oliver is a 1 1/2 year old Mini Goldendoodle that's learning the Basics along with a few extras that his owners would like "fixed". Oliver is a chewer of all things and a big time counter surfer. He's a very smart guy and a bit on the mischievous side. He too has been here for about 5 days and is doing well but definitely has a mind of his own :o) Aiming to please isn't on his resume` so I'm trying to make it more fun for him. He's LOVING all the other dogs & making tons of new friends. More updates to come on Mr. Oliver.