Friday, August 29, 2008

Henry's Confusion

I started Henry on his off leash training this afternoon (he's on place right at the moment :o) He did very well. He was very confussed by all the freedom.....yet..... "Miss Ashleigh still has control???" The look on his face was priceless....if only they could talk. We just worked a short time & now he's sound asleep on his place. We'll work tomorrow at the park & at the clinic again when I go to visit Boomer. Hopefully if the weater is nice I can get some video of him working.

Coco & Henry's Big Day Out

Sorry I'm behind on my updates. We've had an emergency with Boomer, our little Pug. But he's doing well & recovering nicely.....

Coco & Henry had a big field trip day yesterday, Thursday. We went to the park to work on our obedience & response to seeing other new dogs as well as a change of scenery. It was great. They both did very well. Coco is still very nervous around all the new things so after the park we went to the clinic to pick up dog food for Lexxi & visit Boomer in recovery. All the technicians & Dr.'s thought Coco was quite the cutie-pie so he got to meet about 20 new people & he did very well. He had a little hesitation but once he got the hang of it, he was visiting everyone! I was very happy to see that. While I was there I took advantage of working on Henry staying on his place in the lobby at the clinic with all the clients coming in & out with their pets. He did WONDERFUL! He stayed on his place & watched & some of the dogs would come over to give him a good sniff over & he got perky & happy but never moved. I'm very proud of him. I had hoped to start Henry on his off leash last night but with an already full day we didn't get to that. So our goal in training today is to get Henry responding to commands off the leash & from distances away. I'm also very happy to report Henry rang the potty bells all by himself! We're making progress. As for Coco, I'm going to keep working on his socialization & his obedience & manners. He's doing great, I'd just like to see him more confident & not so nervous. He hasn't rang the potty bells yet but he isn't having accidents either ;o) They both send smooches to their mom's & dads. It's not too much longer!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Few Pics on a Rainy Day

Well, I'd like to say we had a productive weekend but we didn't. The rain put a damper on any possibility of getting out & working. We worked on things around the house & hoped to hear the sound of potty bells ringing but that hasn't happened yet with either Coco or Henry. Luckily we still haven't had any accidents either. We'll have to make up this week on taking the two out & meeting new people & other dogs so we can work on their manners. I know we need the rain but it sure does limit us on our outdoor activities :o(
So... a relaxing day calls for fun pics of everyone hanging out.

Henry - Practicing Place

Rainy days cause for practicing place. I hope you like the video of Henry practicing his "place" command!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Coco's On A Roll

Well it's coming along slowly with little Coco but he's definitely making progress. He's become a great shadow!! He's by my side all the time. He hasn't had any potty accidents in the house but he's not quite figured out the bells yet. He had a great morning learning to heel nicely at my left side & sit when we stop. He will hold a sit while I drop the leash & walk away; not out of his sight yet but we'll get there. We're going to work on that a bit more this afternoon.

He will go into his crate on command. He's no longer barking & trying to dig his way to China in his crate. He gets in & lays down nicely & chews his Nyla bone. He's not whining & barking when I make him stay outside to potty or socialize with the group. He's come a long way! We still have a bit of a road ahead but he's doing great!

No Potty Bells

So.....there haven't been any accidents in the house, but Henry hasn't been ringing the potty bells by himself yet either. But it's only been a week, so I'll go a little easier on him. He's a smart guy, he'll figure it out :o) He is doing wonderfully on his obedience though. We're still working on him minding & following his obedience commands when there are great fun distractions & new things around. He's getting there. Tomorrow Henry & I are going to a horse show & we'll be working on his "saying hello" manners. He should be worn out by the end of tomorrow.....hopefully. He has worked up to staying on place for 45 minutes without getting off. I can ring the door bell, go out of his sight, play with the other dogs around him (absolutely kills him) & sit down & have lunch. He's coming around nicely!

Bull & Henry gett'n rowdy!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coco's New Do

Coco was due for a new do. He was matted to the core, so yesterday, Wed, was his day at Mrs. Pam's Spa! He got a lovely new hair cut, made some friends & when he got back here he rollled & rolled and rubbed all over. I think he feels wonderful with his new summer cut. It's back to real work today. Coco is going to run errands & meet new people to work on his social skill & then we'll work on his obedience this evening.
The gang hanging out after a run around the yard.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Henry - Day 2

Henry had a pretty relaxed day today. He worked on polishing up his skills from yesterday (heel w/auto sit, sit "stays", at ease, no, let's go). He also learned his "place" command today, of which he did fabulously! He stayed on his "place" with the distractions of other dogs around, the lawn guy at the door, the cats taunting him & me leaving the room. He did excellent! Tomorrow is a big day so stay tuned.......


Coco is a cockapoo that came to me for Basic Obedience & potty training. We're working on his social skills as well; he's a bit of a Nervous Nelly around new people and things. We're teaching him to ring a potty bell, greet people nicely, no pulling on the leash or jumping up & to follow basic obedience commands. Keep looking for updates on Coco's progress!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Henry's First Day

Henry, the golden-doodle puppy came to "boot camp", as his momma likes to call it, to learn our Advnaced Obedience. Today Henry learned to heel at my left side & sit every time we stop, to sit & hold until told his release command, not to jump on people when he meets them, no playbiting & to go into his kennel on command. He is also learning to ring a bell to let us know when he needs to potty.....updates on that to come.
Henry is a very quick learner & he likes to please (not as much as he likes to play). He's enjoyed playing chase with the other dogs, catch the chickens.....literally, kissy face with the horses & sniff the kitties obsessively. Keep checking in on Henry's progress

The Georgia K9 Academy Billboard

Hi Clients & Friends!
I created this billboard as a way for me to update my progress with my clients & for my friends & family to see my work! I hope you guys enjoy.