Sunday, September 9, 2012

~~~~~ BOARDING ~~~~~

Boarding can be a very stressful time for both your dog & owner.  I offer in home boarding where your dog gets to stay with me in my home just as one of my dogs would!!  We love our clients like they are our own dogs so whether your dog just needs to stay while you're away or if they are here for training we offer not just structure & discipline but the comfort & lots of furry friends to play with!  Your dog will be kenneled when unsupervised, for meal time, & bed time. We ask that you supply your dog's food so there aren't any upset tummies and a copy of your dog's annual vaccinations. I supply beds, bowls, toys & love!
Our large runs offer space for multi dog families 
Our elevated dog beds (provided by Berker's Beds) are comfy & clean
 When your dog isn't enjoying the comfort of their kennel they get to enjoy the comforts of being "at home" and for playtime we have a safe, fenced 1 acre dog yard with a doggie pool!! (open summer only).  For more information on boarding rates, scheduling or general questions please contact

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away.....

All this rain hasn't been good for me, Carmen & Sienna when it comes to off leash work.  Thank goodness the forecast looks good from now on and we will be working hard to get their off leash work where it needs to be!!  Carmen is doing great with her social skills except for when she is in the crate.  This is a few found confidence that she's just starting to show so I have started to address that and she's not 100% with it but she's getting there.  Sienna is doing good but her downfall is still distractions when she's off the leash so we will be working hard and getting her ready to see her family!