Sunday, September 19, 2010


Swayze's Last Days:
Swayze has come to the end of his stay with me. He will be going home tomorrow morning.  He has had a very productive stay.  He has learned to heel nicely at my left side & sit when we stop, he will hold his sit & down stays, come & sit when called, he is responding much better to the "no" command & of course, made tons of friends!!!  All his training has done on a Basic Level, meaning all on leash work so I hope to see him in the future for boarding & more training!  Here are the last pictures of Swayze working :o)
Down stay handsome

Lizzy is home!
Sweet girl is home sweet home!  Her family was very excited to see her & she them!!!  I'll be checking back in with them in a few weeks to see how they are handling keeping up with her :o)  She is going to be a great family dog for them!  I can't wait to have more updates on her!

Rapunzel is doing very well with her training & her new found structure.  She is still quite distracted with things going on around her so she will be staying 3-4 extra days to work through that.  She is doing much better with her socialization with the other dogs but always supervised.  She has very dominant traits & sometimes is less worried about playing & more worried about trying to make her status known, lol.....not here, she's learning.  I'll have more pictures & more update on her distraction proofing as next week unfolds!

Big Boy Gus:
Gus is doing great!  He will be going home in the next few days.  I am excited for his family to see the new found Gus & his happy go lucky self.  He has been a love & I've enjoyed working with him so much.  I love the breed & even though he's had his moments of being rotten.....he's a very good, sweet boy.   He completed my Advanced Obedience Program.  He can obey all the basic obedience commands - heeling, come with a finish, sit-stays, down-stays, place, motion commands and doing them all around heavy distractions & off the leash.  He also came with some serious resource guarding issues.  This will be an ongoing task to over come with him but he has shown no guarding tendencies in a few weeks.  His family will be given certain tasks to work on with him on a daily basis & a new structured routine for him to follow.  He has been socialized around small kids & was allowed to be pet if given permission by their parents.  He was very accepting of everyone that he's met but of course all sessions were supervised & that too will be a continued task to work on.  :o)  I can't wait to get him back to his family & get the owner training started!!!
Happy Face....dirty face too :o)
Gus on Place
He's done playing....he wants to go in....

Booger Monster.....aka Rayban!
Meet Rayban!  He is a Aussie mix puppy that will be here for my Advanced Obedience Program.  He has boarded with me in the past but now he's here for a big dose of reality :o)  He is a very sweet, smart boy....maybe a little too smart for his own good.  He has been here for about 5 days & has learned his manners of not jumping up or chewing on people, heeling on the leash, sit-stays, & down-stays & he's has started come...which he has no problems with :o)  His favorite part of the day is meal time, playtime & nap time :o)..... actually I think those are my favorite parts of the day too, haha. 
He has a long road to travel down over the next few weeks so I'll keep you posted on his progress!!

His best friend, Boomer!
Down-stay....cute face :o)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Jelly & Jake

Boarders, Jake & Jelly wanted to say hello to their family!!!

Love that face :o)
Jelly exploring on our trail walks
Passed out after playtime!


My little Lazy Lizzy is coming to the end of her stay with me :o(  She is doing very well & has come a long way in three weeks.  She will be leaving the end of this week so on the agenda we will visiting the park a few more times, she needs a Petsmart/Co run & she needs a bit more work on maintaining her place command for more than an hour.  Her little light bulb has finally come on & she is following all her commands wonderfully.  We have a few more loose ends to tie up and then she's off to see her family!  I'm sure they'll be so happy to have her back!  Lizzy's best friend while she's been here has been Beasley & Oliver.  Stay tuned for Lizzy's last few days of pictures & progress!!

Gus-gus Update

Mr. Gus is doing excellent!  He has been socializing with new people.  He hasn't had anymore guarding episodes and I have actually been taking things from him on a regular basis......BUT the real test will come when he's back home & his family has to pick up the reins & take charge :o)  Gus will be due to go home at the end of this week.  I will continue my work with his family making sure they feel comfortable continuing to teach him & work with him.  Resource guarding is an ongoing process & the dogs must be continuously worked with to make sure they are staying on point & not falling back on old habits.  Gus has made himself quite at home while he's been here & will definitely be missed after this week.  We hope to see his handsome face in the future!!
Happy Gus roll'n in the grass

Mr. Swayze

This is Swayze.  He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback from Chioke Rhodesians.  He will be with me for about 10 days for the Basic Obedience!  He is a super sweet boy but a little mischievous.  He has done well the first few days, although he has all play & no work on the brain at the moment :o)  He is slowly learning the schedule & learning that we can't play all the time.  Stay tuned for updates on Swayze's progress!


Meet Rapunzel!  She is a 2 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever.  She will be with me for the next 10 days for the Basic Obedience & Behavior Modification training.  She has destructive tendencies, separation anxiety & some guarding issues.  The past few days she has been getting used to the routine & meeting the crew.  She has a lot to learn in a very short time so stay tuned for Rapunzel's progress reports!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Little Maddie is doing very well but has had a few set backs the last few days.  She will be staying a bit longer so I can move her past these few things.  Her potty training has been perfect.  She is definitely a creature of habit & routine.  If her routine changes, she changes.  She likes knowing what's expected of her & has no problems following through with her training.  She is still trying to be very sneaky with food so I am constantly setting her up for that; little stinker :o)  We'll see how the next few days  play out for Miss Maddie & hopefully she'll have her homecoming before the end of the week!
Maddie on her Place

Gus' Update

Mr. Gus is coming right along but I think defiance is in the air.  He has definitely come out of his shell & is much friskier than he has been the last 3 weeks.  With that said, he's wanting to show off a little more & push buttons a little more.  He has show his possessive, guarding tendencies but takes to being told "no" with a correction very well & moves right along.  He has spent some time around small kids & doesn't have much interest in them either way.  Unfortunately, most kids haven't wanted to say hello to him because he of the comes with the territory with a panting Spinone :o)   But none the less, he's coming along & making progress.  He will be hanging out a bit longer to perfect his training & expose him to as much as possible! 
Gus' Playtime

Lizzy's Agenda.....

Little Lizzy has been quite the stinker lately! :o)  She's definitely had a mind of her own & has no desire to please at all. 

Lizzy's Agenda for the Day:
 - Eat breakfast
- Nap            
- Play with my new friends
-Explore the yard
- Chew my bone & play with toys
- Try to make friends with the cats
- Ignore Ms. Ashleigh as best as possible
- Nap         
- Chew my bones some more....
- Nap
- Eat dinner & do it all again.....

As you noticed..... Nowhere in there does Lizzy agenda list training or minding me.  Hehehe.  She's kind of funny actually.  She is super affectionate with me, likes to follow me around, she'll bring me toys & she's always curious about what I'm doing with the other dogs.  But when it is time for me to tell her what to do she turns her eyes away from me & goes into her own little world....
It's all part of the process and she is definitely getting better than last week but it's hindering her progress with adding in the harder distractions & venturing out as much as I'd like.  Good thing she's so darn cute!!
Lizzy on "Place"
Lizzy's Playtimes!