Monday, October 25, 2010

Video :o)

Here's a short video from our group lesson for today: DOWN-STAY

Playtime & Group Workouts

Jax sitting on Lizzy....goofball
 Group down-stay (except Boomer apparently)
 Good puppies
Top Lft-Rt: Boomer, Mugsy, Lizzy, Gus
Bottom Lft-Rt: Diesel, Duke, Ansley, Jax, Ruger
 Bruster, Boomer & Ruger
 Waiting for me to throw the Kong

 Jax & Lizzy
 Jake, Diesel, Gus-gus & Mugsy
 Mugs & Carly
 Mugsy & Lizzy wrestling
 It's a group effort to get the Kong
 Gracie & Little Luxe!
 Ginger my new foster pup *FOR ADOPTION*
 Gus gus
 Bruster is pooooped :)
Ansley girl :)
Bruster & his little buddy Boomer

Monday, October 11, 2010

Playtime & Training Pictures!

Here are my boarders & trainees!!
Scared little buddy, Bosley. He's so sweet.

Mr. Sam-I-Am


Sam & Bosley

A little relaxing time

Bosley watching the kids get off the bus

Marco, Murphy & Jax playing chase

....and more chase

sniff sniff..........sniff sniff.......

Murphy, Rayban (scooby) & Sam :o)

The Kings of the hill
Bosleys friend, Oliver :)

Jax & Marco taking a rest from chase

Mugsy & Jax

Mugsy & Jax on place; good boys!!