Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lets Get Down To Business!

Things have been quite chaotic around here in the last month. I have been working but haven't posted due to family loss & computer whoas. Thank you to all my clients that were so patient with me, understanding & for all the prayers. But now lets get down to business!!! I have a lot of trainees to fill you in on & current trainees to blog about, so lets get to it!

This is Lily. She is an Australian Cattle Dog mix that was going through a revised Intermediate Training program. She is about 7 months old & all puppy. She was running the house & sometimes being a stinker about it. She did fantastic with the gang & playtime was her favorite part of the day ..... go figure :o) I have had a few follow up lessons with her making sure to keep her & her momma in line & on the right track. We have some work to do but she is moving along great!! Lily has since been back for boarding & we hope to see her more in the future as well!

This is Laska. She is a 1 year old German Shepherd that went through the Advanced Obedience. She had no manners about her, she had a very aggressive & scary greeting to people she didn't' know & didn't have a great reputation when it came to meeting new dogs. She stayed with me for about 4 weeks & she did a complete 360. She is now excited & polite about meeting new people. She is actually an absolute love & eats up the affection. She played great with the gang & had a fondness for the kitties :o) She even went to PetSmart & had her picture taken with Santa!! We'll see how our follow up lessons pan out & we'll be seeing Laska in the future for some holiday boarding!!
Java returned to move into the Advanced Obedience & of course she was excellent. She is going to be such a awesome pet for her family! She is sooo willing to please & is so calm for a puppy! It was great to see her again & she was beside herself to play with the gang again. Java also brought her friend Cece along this time for training. Cece belongs to their daughter. Cece is a 4 year old Pitt Bull. She is a beautiful, super sweet girl but was having some possessiveness issues with toys, food & space. She stayed for about a week & we worked on her manners when greeting people as well as learning to share. Cece did wonderful but we'll see how momma follows through with the new tough rule ;o). More updates on Cece later!!
Bernice also joined me for the Advanced Obedience (sorry no pictures. She got caught up in the computer whoas along with Cece). Bernice is a 5 month old Boxer mix. She too was just puppy; jumping up, mischief, no manners, no direction, selective hearing.....etc. She did SUPERB!! She really excelled in the obedience & was quite excited to make so many new friends. She will be back next week & then again at Christmas for boarding so I'll update more on Bernice & have super cute pictures to share as well!
This is Kaya. She is an almost 2 year old Shiba Inu. She is suuuuuch a love & I really enjoyed having her. She was a referral from Stella & Vinnie's owner, so thanks Mrs. Lauren!! Kaya owners had some concerns of possible aggression towards other dogs & people as well as stealing her kids toys, bolting out the door, nipping & mouthing to play & for attention. Kaya absolutely did not have much direction but really benefited from learning a few basic commands & so did her family! They learned Kaya that Kaya is a sensitive girl that needs proper introduction to people & other animals otherwise she shows fear responses & gets a little nippy. Kaya gained some confidence as well & learned to no long bolt out the door :o) We look forward to updates on Kaya!

Now I have Meeko for the Advanced Obedience! Meeko is the little brother to Songede, who was here a few months ago for the Advanced Obedience as well! Meeko is a 4month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We are a little bit in love with this little guy. His momma & daddy flew him in on Wednesday so he's only been here a few days but he's doing excellent so far!! He's walking great on the leash, doing his sit (stays) & down(stays), socializing great & NO potty problems!! He's making new friends & making us want a Rhodesian more & more everyday!

More on Meeko's progress to come!

Meet Sunshine!! This sweet girl will be with me for the next week, maybe more, for the Basic Obedience as well as socializing her with the gang. She pulls her momma down on walks & acts out aggressively towards other dogs out on walks. Her momma is scared of her behavior & wants to learn how to make Sunshine a social, happy girl! She's been here two days so far & I don't have a bad things to report!! Day 1 was learning her boundaries on the leash, no pulling, auto-sit, sit(stays) & introducing her to the gang; piece of cake! She's walking great & hasn't had any issues with the gang :o) We'll see how the week progresses!

And, last but certainly not least is Miss Angelica!! Jelly was here for some Basics a few months ago but now she's moving on to the Advanced work! She has certainly changed though :o) About 80lbs of change!
She had a bad experience with getting attacked by dogs so she's been a bit nervous about meeting new dogs. I did a slow intro into the group & now she's doing awesome!! She still a bit clingy but venturing out more to romp with the gang. More to come on Jelly!!


Bye for now!

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