Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playtime & This-n-That

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends!! My furry gang & extended gang had a wonderful Thanksgiving & have been playing fools!!

Sweet Amy girl
 Diesel & Carly
 Duke, Soldier & Carly searching for something good.....apparently :o)
 Soldier hunting for the stick I just threw..... only to lose interest & ran off to play with someone else :o/
 Deer or Soldier??
 Maggie, Carly & Ginger wrestling
 Carly & Ginger wrestling.....and Jake's cute hiney :o)
 Jersey, Scarlet & Ginger playing!
 Soldier & Hansel
 ...and getting more aquainted
 Soldier & Diesel
 Scarlet, Bryna, Amy & Jersey!!
 Bryna....good sit!
 Good down
 Bryna & Jersey making friends!
 My Mosey & Jake :o)
 Duke & Scarlet
 Amy & Jersey
 Carley, Ginger & Jersey playing chase
 Amy....not sure what she's doing
 Soldier fetching a stick & yet again returns with nothing but excitement, hehe
 Hansel & Boomer.....they were the best of friends!
 Scarlet, Bryna, Mugsy, Mo & Pearl's hiney :o)
 Jersey, Jake, Ru & River
 Pearly girly
 Duke, Bryna, & Mo
 Pearl & Amy

More pics to come of my trainees & their work in progress!!


Karrie said...

Thank you so much for the great photos! Makes us so excited to see our Soldier and all he has learned.

Celia said...

we are so proud of Bryna Bryn Bryns! What a good sit and good down!