Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year!!

It's the New Year and we have a brand new batch of trainees!!  I am so excited to share their stories!!  My apologies ahead of time.  I am having problems uploading images to the site so you'll have to check out Facebook for pictures of my trainees!

Marley is a beautiful 6 month old Golden Retriever pup that is definitely name worthy ;o)  She should have been named "Pistol" because that she is.  She is fully of sassy but as sweet as they come.  She is here for the Advanced Obedience.  She is about 14 days into her program and doing very well with the normal hiccups along the way.  She has completed all her Basic Commands - heeling with an automatic sit when we stop, her sit-stay, down at my side, down-stay, come with an automatic sit when she gets to me and all with hand signals.  She has also learned her "place" command which she loves because she gets to be a lazy girl & chew her bone!  Marley's best friend is Murphy a 5 year old yellow Lab & Tuggs, a 2 year old American Bulldog.

Tuggs aka Marley's boyfriend is a 2 year old American Bulldog who is here for the Advanced Obedience as well.  Although I'm moving at a slower pace with him he is doing great.  He was a little too big for his britches towards other dogs when on the leash but is now a super friendly, sweet guy I knew him to be, all the time!!  He also is about 2 weeks into his training and has a little over a week to go to get caught up on his curriculum for his program.  His favorite part of the day is riding in the car to go work his obedience in a public place and nap time!! He loves laying in the sun in the yard :o)

Finn is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd pup that is FULL of energy!!  Actually, that may be an understatement.  He is here for the Advanced Obedience.  He is making me work hard for the money.  He doesn't take no for an answer without something to say about it back.  We are working this week to get through the Basic obedience commands and then we'll be moving onto his off leash work.  Finn is learning his proper puppy etiquette from the older, learned dogs ;o)  I think he's sweet for Bernice, one of my regular boarders.  She is a 3 year old Boxer mix ;o)

Please stay tuned for more on each of my trainees and their stories & pictures!!

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