Friday, August 22, 2008

Coco's On A Roll

Well it's coming along slowly with little Coco but he's definitely making progress. He's become a great shadow!! He's by my side all the time. He hasn't had any potty accidents in the house but he's not quite figured out the bells yet. He had a great morning learning to heel nicely at my left side & sit when we stop. He will hold a sit while I drop the leash & walk away; not out of his sight yet but we'll get there. We're going to work on that a bit more this afternoon.

He will go into his crate on command. He's no longer barking & trying to dig his way to China in his crate. He gets in & lays down nicely & chews his Nyla bone. He's not whining & barking when I make him stay outside to potty or socialize with the group. He's come a long way! We still have a bit of a road ahead but he's doing great!


lonewolf said...

We are so proud of Coco and love the updates. His new "do" is shocking and very funny but necessary. Keep up the good work. Michelle

mrsbentley519 said...

I think you need to write a blog about Stella and how amazingly wonderful she was for you, and how she always listened to her commands. ;-) And how you're counting down the days until she comes back to you!

singaporesling said...

Awe, I miss my little Coco Bean. He really loves it when you say "bitty, bitty, bitty boy" in a high-pitched voice. I am Michelle's sister-in-law, who's living in Singapore now. I gave my little Coco to her and her family a couple of months ago, so that he would be greatly loved. Take good care of my bitty boy.