Friday, August 22, 2008

No Potty Bells

So.....there haven't been any accidents in the house, but Henry hasn't been ringing the potty bells by himself yet either. But it's only been a week, so I'll go a little easier on him. He's a smart guy, he'll figure it out :o) He is doing wonderfully on his obedience though. We're still working on him minding & following his obedience commands when there are great fun distractions & new things around. He's getting there. Tomorrow Henry & I are going to a horse show & we'll be working on his "saying hello" manners. He should be worn out by the end of tomorrow.....hopefully. He has worked up to staying on place for 45 minutes without getting off. I can ring the door bell, go out of his sight, play with the other dogs around him (absolutely kills him) & sit down & have lunch. He's coming around nicely!

Bull & Henry gett'n rowdy!

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