Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Is In the Air

It's that time of year again!  It's my two busiest weeks of the year....Spring Break.  I am joined by all my favorite boarders & a few newbies as well!!  So far this week has been a blast & full of twins it seems.....

Mugsy & Lily playing chase

Diamond & Murph-man

My Diesel & Ruger

<3 Jersey & Delilah <3

Piper & Boomer

No Boomer, River is not your twin, lol ;o)

Oliver & Murphy

Bunker & Rex!

  Little Ruby

Nikkita, sweet girl. I love her.

Jack & Ty-ty. I think Jack is winning.

Group shot...almost everyone

Wilson.....holding a sit like a good boy when he's rather be playing chase

 Sweety pie Spy-girl!

Lily trying to get Diamond to play


Delilah letting her hair down ;o)

Nikki is done playing....she's pooped

 Oliver....patiently waiting for his opportunity to mount Aspen....he's relentless, hehe.

Diamond is the fetching queen

Bestest Friends, Delilah & River :o)

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