Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Are You Putting In Your Dog??

I would like to discuss with you something that has been important to me since I've owned dogs; dog nutrition.  There are many so many dog food brands out there these days.  How do you know what is good food?  How do you know what you are actually giving your dog?  If the brand is advertised on TV....doesn't that mean it's good?? NO!!  Did you know there are 4 major ingredients you want to stay away from in dog food?  Animal by-products, corn, wheat, & soy.

              ~Animal by-products include anything that is NOT the meat of an animal - i.e.: bones, beaks, feet, innerds, any part of the animal that is not consumable by people. 

~Wheat, corn & soy: are not easily digestible, allergens that pose as fillers in a food & do not have good nutritional value for your pet

I have been looking at becoming a retailer of a food that I believe in for a while.  I wanted a food that had the highest quality ingredients, NO preservatives, packaged fresh & immediate......AND I wanted it delivered to me for convenience!  Tall order you say??   Finally I was approached by a company
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As you can imagine I have quite a hefty food bill each month.  I was feeding a relatively "good" food that I felt okay about but not great about.  I was feeding a rather large amount of food to each individual dog which, of course, creates a lot of "mess".  I have had my own personal dogs, 2 service dogs in training & cats on the Life's Abundance formulas now for less than 60 days and have seen a huge change in my pets.  Even better a HUGE change in the amount of food I have to feed them to satisfy their needs.  They are no longer getting empty calories.  I am paying 50 cents more per pound but I have the satisfaction of knowing  I am feeding them Grade A quality meats that would be served to people as apposed to the diseased rejected meat that doesn't make the cut for human consumption, the are NO preservatives that will in the long run have been proven to cause liver & kidney problems as well as contribute to cancer, I pay less in the long run because I am feeding less & it is delivered to my home on a schedule that I set for my convenience!!!  I am thrilled to have found a food I stand behind & believe in & I have happy to finally offer it for sale to my clients, friends & family!!  I know it sounds "sales pitchy" but anyone that knows me knows I am pretty opinionated & would not put my seal of approval on something I really didn't believe in.  Please visit my on-line store, sign up & make the change to feeding your pets a holistic, fantastic food that comes to you!!

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