Sunday, September 25, 2011

Work, work, work!!

I was hoping to ease back into work but that's just not been the case!!  It's great problem to have and I am so happy to see my clients again.  I have many new trainees!  Miss Laina finished up her 3 week Advanced Obedience and she made me very proud!! She did absolutely excellent & I hope her mom is enjoying her much more now that she has the tools & techniques to help her follow through.  I also finished with long time and repeat client on their new addition Ellie, a 4month old Great Dane pup who also completed the Advanced Obedience.  We still have some work to accomplish with her in our follow up lessons but she has made great progress back home with her family.
Amos holding his sit command
I have also just finished up with Amos - a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier who needed some Basic Obedience and a little work learning to socialize with a little less exuberance.  He spent one week & did very well.  He definitely likes to chose which command he does when given a specific command but that just won't cut it :o)  He is now back home with his mom, dad & big sister & former trainee, Mesa.  He is definitely giving them a challenge but they will stay consistent and follow through.  We'll have a follow up lesson the next time they are back in Georgia too!
Sweet face
Amos holding his down command
I have a new trainee this past week that has joined us all the way from Pensacola, FL.  He is an 8month old English Bulldog pup named Patton!  He will be with me for two weeks.  He has completed week one of his training with the Basic Obedience.  In true Bulldog fashion he 
is quite stubborn but incredibly smart.  He does get easily worn out by our training work outs though.  He is only able to go about 10 minutes and then he's ready to fall asleep.  He was holding his sit command while I was trying to distract him out of the command and he was head bobbing and lightly swaying trying to hold his sit. Poor little guy.  He is a super playful guy and has made lots of friends.  He has made himself quite at home always asking if he can get up on the couch for his very frequent naps.

He still has some work to accomplish this next week so more updates to come on Patton!

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