Friday, November 7, 2008

Duke the Man

Little Duke had a busy day this morning meeting new people at the barn for a lesson & meeting people at Tractor Supply getting his dewormer for the next few weeks. He's definitely going to be socialized. He's learning the hard rules of life like:

(In the words of Duke): do NOT bite the cats tail because she might pop you across the face. Do NOT grab mom's socks out of her shoes because you might get corrected & get them taken away..... but she always gives me a fun toy I can play with. Do NOT try to eat from another dog's bowl, nobody around here shares. Do NOT bite mom like I can bite other puppies because she won't play with you if you do that & it hurts her :o(. If I ring a bell on the door it makes the door open & I get to go outside!!!! That's a good thing I learned. Also, I better eat my food when mom puts it down because if I don't it goes away...... I just don't know where. And, if the other dogs are sleeping & I pounce on them it doesn't make them get up & play with me; they just keep on sleeping. And..... screaming in the crate at night hasn't gotten me anywhere but you know what if you're quite & you act like a good boy you get to come out & play & potty & stuff. And, I learned playing is hard work & it requires a LOT of sleep. I'm the best at that!!
Duke, Ty, Chase & Tanner
That's just freak'n cute!

Hard day calls for a nap

"Dad's good at holding me while I fall alseep. I love it." -Duke

"I'm not even scared of the vaccum anymore" -Duke

So that's Duke's update for today ;o)

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mrsbentley519 said...

So happy we got to meet Duke yesterday, and that Stella did pretty well. :) She LOVES that ball I got her with all the holes in it. She has been playing with it nonstop. Thanks for the suggestion!! Someone named Ashley Davis might be contacting you regarding her dog, Cotton. I think he's a beagle. She's fed up with his behavior and I recommended you. Just a head's up!