Friday, November 21, 2008

Duke's Clean Bill of Health

Duke had his check up today along with his second round of puppy shots. He did wonderful of course. The doctor said he's got great conformation, his hips & elbows look great so far, he's at a good weight, his ears are healing nicely. Overall he said "he's a beautiful pup. How are you going to feed all that?" ;o) I was very pleased. I was a bit concerned about his weight. I thought maybe he was too skinny but no, Dr. Smith said he's growing so quickly & he's going to appear a bit on the lean side while he's growing up & to not be concerned as long as he continues to eat. So YEA!! He's passed out now. Pups usually sleep a bit after shots & a long exciting car ride. He is 16-17 inches at the shoulder (he was wiggling so it was hard to see exactly), from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose he's 33 1/2 inches long & he weighs 23.7lbs!!! He's growing up so quickly, I can't believe it. He is making it through the night so great. He can go from about 10pm until about 5-5:30am. If he can't make it he comes to the side of the bed & stands up on his back feet on my side & whimpers; he goes out, comes back in and goes to sleep. Such an awesome puppy. The other dogs are slowly starting to come around with playing with Duke. Up to this point other than Boomer everyone else viewed him as the annoying little brother & they did NOT want to play with him. Jake played with him & Ruger played with him in the back yard yesterday. So cute! Boomer & Duke play hard everyday. Duke has learned if he gets Boomer to go in the crate with him that he can pin Boomer to the side of the crate and really rough him up. It's pretty funny to watch.

Enjoy the newest 8 week old pictures of Duke!!

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Emilia said...

hey ash, i heard about your first show!!!!!!!! so exciting and thats when the baby is spose to be born right(sasy's) anyway we'll start packing and i love the pictures. i cant wait to meet duke..... the man......he looks like a good pup
love your lil' sis