Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Trainee - Huggy Bear

This is Huggy Bear. He is about a year old, Shepherd Mix and definitely acts ALL shepherd. He is with the for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience. Huggy Bear has some issues with excessive barking, pacing, nervous/excited anxiety & he needs a little people socialization because he's a bit of a nervous Nelly with new people. He is a very sweet boy but has something to say about EVERYTHING & he's quite the drama queen. This past week we've covered the basics on a leash (heel w/auto sit, sit(stays), down(stays), come & started the place command. Mid-day has been rough, with the heat, so our trips to the park have been short & there hasn't been a lot of people there to act as distraction & socialize him..... Hopefully it will cool off a bit. I'm definitely going to have to work on his nervousness & the typical Shepherd whining & yelping thing he does. The neighbors must think he's being tortured when he's just plain excited :o) He love, love, loves playing with the other dogs! It definitely helped him to not be so shy & helps wear him out for bedtime!! More to come on Huggy Bear's progress!!

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