Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coming Right Along

Luke & Huggie Bear are coming right along & progressing wonderfully. A little hiccups along the way but nothing out of the ordinary. They are both at the beginning stages of the off leash & we're working on minimal distractions at the moment. We spend about an hour either at the park or at Petsmart/Petco meeting people & working in public. Huggie Bear is still INCREDIBLY vocal & we're still working on teaching him how to re-lax & slow down. Luke is meeting people nicely; every once in a while he meets someone that he seems reluctant to visit with but nothing that a little encouragement & direction doesn't fix. My camera needs a new battery so I don't have pictures for this last week. I should have a new battery by this weekend. They both play with the other dogs so great & are making lots of friends. They both seem to have taken to Maggie, my Great Pyrenees pup (10mo). Huggie Bear loves playing chase with her & Luke loves taking turns wrestling & letting her pin him & then they switch. It's quite cute. Luke also plays great with Oliver, my Malti-poo (1yr). He lays on the floor & lets Olli jump all over him. They both are eating great! Luke has definitely come out of his shell & I'm very pleased with his level of socialness (my own word) with people, at this point. We'll keep working & he should have continued daily socialization upon his return home. So A+ for both boy & that's all for now! :o)

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