Monday, September 13, 2010

Gus-gus Update

Mr. Gus is doing excellent!  He has been socializing with new people.  He hasn't had anymore guarding episodes and I have actually been taking things from him on a regular basis......BUT the real test will come when he's back home & his family has to pick up the reins & take charge :o)  Gus will be due to go home at the end of this week.  I will continue my work with his family making sure they feel comfortable continuing to teach him & work with him.  Resource guarding is an ongoing process & the dogs must be continuously worked with to make sure they are staying on point & not falling back on old habits.  Gus has made himself quite at home while he's been here & will definitely be missed after this week.  We hope to see his handsome face in the future!!
Happy Gus roll'n in the grass

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