Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lizzy's Agenda.....

Little Lizzy has been quite the stinker lately! :o)  She's definitely had a mind of her own & has no desire to please at all. 

Lizzy's Agenda for the Day:
 - Eat breakfast
- Nap            
- Play with my new friends
-Explore the yard
- Chew my bone & play with toys
- Try to make friends with the cats
- Ignore Ms. Ashleigh as best as possible
- Nap         
- Chew my bones some more....
- Nap
- Eat dinner & do it all again.....

As you noticed..... Nowhere in there does Lizzy agenda list training or minding me.  Hehehe.  She's kind of funny actually.  She is super affectionate with me, likes to follow me around, she'll bring me toys & she's always curious about what I'm doing with the other dogs.  But when it is time for me to tell her what to do she turns her eyes away from me & goes into her own little world....
It's all part of the process and she is definitely getting better than last week but it's hindering her progress with adding in the harder distractions & venturing out as much as I'd like.  Good thing she's so darn cute!!
Lizzy on "Place"
Lizzy's Playtimes!

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