Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gus' Update

Mr. Gus is coming right along but I think defiance is in the air.  He has definitely come out of his shell & is much friskier than he has been the last 3 weeks.  With that said, he's wanting to show off a little more & push buttons a little more.  He has show his possessive, guarding tendencies but takes to being told "no" with a correction very well & moves right along.  He has spent some time around small kids & doesn't have much interest in them either way.  Unfortunately, most kids haven't wanted to say hello to him because he of the slobber......it comes with the territory with a panting Spinone :o)   But none the less, he's coming along & making progress.  He will be hanging out a bit longer to perfect his training & expose him to as much as possible! 
Gus' Playtime

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