Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jasper the Great!

My little Jasper has been quite the super star during this past 2 weeks of training.  He is incredibly smart & picking up very quickly.  I've been able to move a little faster than I normally would with him and have already been able to have him off leash with moderately heavy distractions.  He is still a little pushy when new people are around so we'll really be working on him holding his commands better & continuing to remain calm when greeting people.  He's made lots of 4-legged friends but he enjoys being with the 2 legged kind the most :o) He is definitely a people-dog.  Here's a little bit of what Jasper has been working on!
Jasper mingling with his friends during playtime
  Good down-stay!
 Boomer tried very hard to get him to play
 Hansel is getting in on Jasper's training time........Sit-stays :o)

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