Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well I've been trying to update all weekend with lots of pictures but every time I hit "Publish" I get an "Error. Try again later" notice.  So I'm attempting to just update so everyone will know what's been going on with their babies!

Hank is back from Nashville to continue with his training.  He has needed a bit of brushing up over his first week here.  He has been super excited to see his old friends & make new ones but he hasn't been too jazzed up to get down to business.  He's playing his old "I'm too cute to listen" card.  He's trying to be too submissive & not want to actually work.  He's coming along & being reminded slowly ;o)  The weekend was too nice not to play in the water hose so he & his friends enjoyed getting soaked & rolling in the grass!

Mr. Wilson is coming along nicely.  He has definitely come out of his shell & is playing great with everyone now!  He too has a love affair with the water hose & enjoyed being soaked this weekend.  We're still working on his random setting off at strangers.  His food aggression has come a long way but he still is very tense & has a lot of anxiety about meal time.  I have introduced a few new feeding routines that have seemed to alleviate some of that anxiety & hopefully with time & consistency he will loose all that anxiety about eating.  Hopefully Wilson only has one more week & then he gets to see his family again!!

My little snuggle bug, Spy-girl is wonderful.  He is doing as well as can be expected for her age.  She is socialized daily with new people & things.  Her potty training is coming along great.  She is starting to show interest in putting EVERYTHING in her mouth so that's the topic of the week we are working on with her.  I have imprinted her on most of her obedience commands & she is picking up on things very quickly.  She's a great little girl!

Miss Biskit is here for my Advanced Obedience training.  She was very nervous of the crew when she first arrived over a week ago but she is socializing great now!  She has finished all her Basic Obedience commands - heel with an auto-sit, sit(stays), down(stays), come with auto-sit, place, & her release command.  She is doing very well on doing these commands in a variations of difficulty.  I have started her off leash work & have picked up on her socializing with strangers.  She is still very nervous around new people but learning to let her guard down :o)  More to come on Biskit's off leash progress & hopefully pictures!!

Ah, Little Jack.  He is making me work for it for sure.  He has been going through a stubborn streak that I'd like to see come to an end soon.  He does excellent while on the leash but is testing the limits fully when the leash comes off.  This next week we will be focusing on his off leash & working more in public places.  He should enjoy the field trips. Now for potty training - - - 3 steps forward 2 jumps back.

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