Sunday, March 13, 2011

~~~~~Weekend Review~~~~~~

It was a beautiful weekend so me & the pups enjoyed some serious playtime & relaxation.  We have a big week of work ahead so what better way for all of us to unwind from the week & prepare for next week!!
Ansley & Boomer

Wilson & Mugsy

Wilson, Boomer & Spy-girl

Jack & Gibbs

Gibbs & Ru getting friendly

The gang

Wrestling time!!

Bruster & Ty

Miss Bella

Miss Gracie

Gracie, Ruger & Ansley


Shaaaake it off girl

Bella & Gracie

Bella's pooped after playing chase

Wilson :o)

Wilson chasing Bella

New trainee Biskit - Update on her training soon!

Little Jack

Boomer & Jack are bestest friends!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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