Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Maximus

Max working on his "place" command
Little Max is nearing the end of his stay with me.  He's definitely keeping me on my toes & I find myself always having to be one step ahead of him.  Everyday it seems he has a new trick up his sleeve.  He will also be returning in the near future for some boarding so that will be a great opportunity for me to continue keeping him in shape.  His morning workouts always seem to be the best because he knows food is to follow.....haha, stinker.  We have a field trip to Petsmart planned today (pending truck repairs) & a park visit this weekend.  He has started *trying* to play the catch me if you can game again lately so we need to get to the bottom of that....which I thought we were....That's Max for ya ;o)

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