Friday, May 6, 2011

Nadine Update :o)

Miss Nadine is coming right along.  She's learned all the Basic Obedience commands - heel with auto-sit, sit (stays) down at my side, down(stays), & come with auto-sit.  Now it's just polishing the commands, adding some distractions and teaching her to hold her commands for some time.  This is where she is having the biggest issues.  She is too sweet for words & wants to be right by my side....all the time. She'll do the command, I'll walk away, to try to return to her after a short period of time & by then she's already ran to my side.  We're working through it.  She has make great friends and plays super well with everyone.  I think the pollen is bothering her eyes as much as mine today though. :o( She is acting fine, she just rubs them every once in a while & they look a little watery than normal.  We'll see how she is tomorrow.  So her progress so far has been okay; I'd give her a B.  We'll see how her next few days go with the added distractions & holding her commands.  Happy Friday!!

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