Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It was a perfect day for the pups to run off the crazies after a night of thunderstorms
 Mr. Gibbs
 Spy-girl ;o)

 Playing chase
 She's stalking.....
 Nadine chasing Spy-girl
 Max, Ty, Spy-girl, Nadine, Olli & Denali
 Newbie ~ Sadie~
 Denali & Nadine


 New good friends ;o)

 Waiting for me to throw the Kong
 My Ty-ty
 Denali: "Can I have that stick" Max: "Nah, it tastes pretty great"

 Jake's favorite activity
King of the hill 
 All the doodles ~ Spy-girl, Gibbs, & Sadie :o)

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