Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maddie Is Coming Around

Maddie has been doing very well over the past few days. He's starting to get very excited to see me when I come home now, he's coming to me unprovoked for affection, which I'm very happy to see. He was a bit shy in the beginning. Maddie has had no problems in his crate at all. . . . so far. He's not going into on his own but he's not having adverse reactions to being in his crate either. He goes in on command & he wait to come out until I ask him to (that's a huge change from before when the second the door was slightly cracked he's bust through almost knocking me over.) He's also learning not to bolt out doors when they are open. He absolutely loves being outside. (Note to mom: if you have a small area in your yard where you could put a tie out or fence a small area, I know Maddie would absolutely love it). He will go outside & sunbathe for hours. He's such a sweet boy. He's getting much better about his obedience. At first he was very lazy & tried to shut down everytime we'd try to work. But now I think he's starting to understand it can be fun & it means he gets to go for a walk & see & smell new things. He's coming along nicely. He hasn't buddied up with anyone yet but there's still time :o) He will play a little bit for just second & then he runs back to me very pleased with himself and then he's done playing. It's quite cute.

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