Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maddie's New Love

Maddie has a girlfriend..... and she's a pretty lady if I do say so myself. She's my 6 year old Basinji-mix, Cammi. She is a very shy girl herself & she is very selective as to whom she will befriend. Well, well, she & Maddie make quite a cute couple. They play so hard outside, they lay next to each other in the house & they get so excited to see each other. It's pretty cute. On a training note, Maddie is doing pretty good. He has some insecurity issues as a whole that will take a bit more time, but he's doing really great. No problems in the crate at all. He goes in with no problems. He's scheduled to go home Friday & I know his momma is ready to have him back. Cammi will be sad she no longer has her friend, but Maddie will be back to visit again the beginning of November!!

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