Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thor the Stinker

Thor has become quite the clown over the last few weeks. He's very silly & playful. We did have to work on him responding to the commands off the leash if the cat is outside. In the house he hasn't made much of a stink about the cats but Foxie got outside yesterday & she ran up the hill infront of Thor. It triggered his "prey drive" & the tore up the hill after her. It took quite a few nicks on the remote collar to get him to respond. So I set him up again for it & he's smart enough not to mess up twice. We'll see how he does today when I set him up again. Thor's bestest friend is Diesel, my 2 year old German Shepherd. They love to chase eachother around the yard & hide the Kong from eachother. Thor is schedule to go home tommorow (Thursday). He'll be very missed. I know Diesel will miss his new buddy.

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