Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extra Special Thank YOU!!!!!

Now that things have slowed down a bit & we've survived the torrential down pour that literally flooded into this area I can catch everyone up! Songede has joined her family back in Alabama & she was quite the stinker for her go home lesson; but that comes with the territory :o) I'm sad to see her go but I know I'll see her again in December along with her new little brother, Meeko!! So excited. Songede's momma was sooo sweet & HAND MADE ME PUPPY MUGS!!!! I was so excited because they are too cute but when I found out she made them by hand, that just made it all the more wonderful!!! If I had a website to refer people to I sooo would. So an extra special thank you to Beth for allowing me the opportunity to work with Songede & for being so thoughtful & sharing your gift with me!!

I had to postpone my new trainees this week until tomorrow (Friday) due to the weather. They were calling for more but we didn't get it so it's finally back to work full steam ahead!


mrsbentley519 said...

I'm jealous! Beth, I'm thinking this is definitely a Christmas gift idea for us ;o) Hehe.

Doctor Jim said...

My work is at Duluth Flower Shop in Duluth Ga. 770-476-2506
Go visit Cindy!