Friday, September 25, 2009

The New Crew

This little group that will be with me for the next 30 days for potty training & manners is:

They are a nervous little group that needs a little socialization & confidence boosting as well as a routine & pottying schedule! We started off the training getting them used to having a light-weight leash on and walking with me on them. At first they looked like Mexican jumping beans on the end of ropes but after about 1-2 minutes they figured it out & were walking nicely with me without a hitch! They don't seem to mind the other dogs. They were very intimidated at first but after the initial butt sniffing & saying hello they came around. They took to me within about 5 minutes and it's been love since :o) They're very sweet but definitely have been able to run the show. Well guys.... it's a new show now! So, more to come on Spanky, Andy, & Sandy's progress!!!


melly said...

my babys look good .hope all is well. love and miss them very much. melly

melly said...

please up date sandy ,amdy&spanky