Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time For Some Updates :o)

Helllooooo Moms & Dads & whomever else likes to read my training blog! I have some exciting updates to report! First, Huggie Bear had his go home lesson yesterday & did fabulous! He got spiffied up & had his mani & pedi before he went home. He did excellent & I think his mom & dad did pretty great as well! Lilah & Sampson also went home this past Friday & they too did great. Sampson was troublesome with his down but that wasn't out of the ordinary. It was huge adjustment for the momma & daddy but I'm sure they're doing wonderful & working hard! Little Jack is coming along & getting more social by the day. He's doing great with his crate training & potty routine, walking on the leash, responding to "no" and riding in the car but he is a tough cookie when it comes to sit, down & come (on leash). So extra efforts this week to get him squared away. Luke is still doing excellent & has calmed way down. He's great with his obedience, social skills & just being a great family pet. :o) Songede started her remote collar work & she is doing excellent! She definitely likes to push to see how far she can go & what she can get away with but she's much more responsive & seems to love the added freedom!! She's done great with the distractions of the lawn people but started jumping on people again now that she's off leash..... so we're having to back track a bit & fix that kink. I've been making her ring the potty bell when we go out but she's yet to do it on her own but we haven't had any accidents in the house..... well except for the occasional excited piddle when she comes out of her crate & sees the other dogs before we get outside :o) But I can't say I blame her! Hopefully the rain will stay away except for in the evenings so I can get these guys out to play off leash at the park!!

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Doctor Jim said...

I have a hound dog and her butt does not touch the ground.
I think that is a Country song....