Friday, February 12, 2010

New Camper

This is Millie G! Millie is a 4 month old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She will be with me for the next week for some Basic Obedience. She is a crazy girl that just needs to learn a little manners & how to pay attention to some basic commands so that her momma can enjoy being with her more! She has done excellent so far on: Heel with an automatic sit, sit(stays), down at my side & down(stays). She is definitely learning to pay more attention & although it would be more fun to run around the house like a bull in a china shop it just can't happen.Stay tuned for Millie's progress!

Millie holding a sit with kitty distraction

...and puppy distractions
.....and with the front door open
Millie has had a great day so far. More to come tomorrow!

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