Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Camper Luxe

This is Luxe! He is a 4month old French Bulldog. He is with me for the Basic Obedience and potty training. I am crazy for him! He has actually been with me since last week but I have been a little under the weather & not updating my blog like I should. He is doing super with him obedience & I would say about a C average when it comes to him potty training. He's been a sneaky, sneak when it comes to pottying but he's getting much better. In the obedience department he has learned his heeling nicely on the leash & to sit automatically. Sit & down stays, lets go, & come. He didn't need any help in the socialization department so he's all A's there :o) Luxe will be staying with me a few extra days to work on his attention to commands & distraction proofing a bit more. In the mean time here are some pictures to see how Luxe has been spending his "off time"......

Saying hello to my little friend

He's helping the clean up crew

More of the cute face
Helping build
"nah.... building is not for me"
".....wrestling with the cat is!!!"
"...and sleeping in the sun"
".....and chewing on a Nyla Bone"
".... and hanging out with my new friends"
"Yep.... that's what I like doing :)"
" well..... playing on the trash pile was fun too"
"And I loved getting my belly rubbed"
"I've had fun at training..... it's not so bad :o)"

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